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Author: Tin Pan
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Spiritual Relationships

Human relationships can be categorized in to various groups. When you are in a relationship, you get an opportunity to create a deeper sense of you. This is through your partner. This can also be referred to as a spiritual connection.

In case you are enjoying a kind, affectionate relationship, then you must be learning good messages for developing a kind and loving connection with your inner self too. On the contrary if you are in an abusive relationship, this would not be possible for you.

Humans possess a tendency to replicate some examples in their relationships. They possess the ability to retrieve the best and the worst from their inner self and giving it to a relationship they are having. Humans are known to use relationship as a testing ground.

However, when you go through different changes or transitions in your life, you may face a lot of stress on the relationship. This ends up in having very less time for your partner, getting upset for no reason, anger etc. This is a stage where both you and your partner experience change.

If one of the partners is responsible for mirroring changes, then the other will emulate that change. These can be affirmative changes. These may be even a reviving or solving of old issues that were not cleared or released earlier.

In a relationship, we associate with transformation and stability. Life is continually changing. Your capability to stay flexible and develop together can result in to a stronger spiritual relationship.

When looking in to the mirror of your partner, you will observe a clone of you that is all set to change or release. In case, there is something that upsets you about your partner or you have a tendency to get in to an argument with your spouse every now and then, you have not developed a spiritual connection with your partner.

The blame game will not work. You need to look forward to have a fulfilling relationship with your partner that will change in to something spiritual in future. A spiritual connection with your partner is important to enjoy a peaceful life together.

Change can be scary but it is very important. No change means that you have not evolved in your relationship.


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