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Should you be friends with your Ex?

Should you be friends with your ex? This is a great question but the answer is difficult. In case, you are in a quest of true answer, it lies in whether or not you still hold feelings in your heart for your ex.

It is really tough to dump on whom you love dearly. But what about getting dumped yourself? Well this one is tougher and sometimes deadly. 

In case, your relationship has just ended you may definitely want to get back to your ex and give another chance to your relationship.

It is quite natural to crave for giving your relationship another shot. However the problem is that you do not see any possibility to stay connected with your ex. When there is no possibility to have a connection then all hopes for reviving the relationship goes in vain.

Staying friends is one of the best ways to keep some kind of association with your ex. This is also the best way to k now what is going on in your ex’s life.

This is easier said than done. Being friends with your ex can also result in many complications. You may face troubles in maintaining a relation of friendship with your ex.

This is because your ex is the person you have once dated, shared joys, sorrows and many intimate moments. Changing the way you used to talk and behave can be really difficult and some times, next to impossible.

If you still feel the same for your ex, it will be very difficult for you to maintain friendship with him/her.  In case, you have started dating someone else and have no feelings left for your ex, then friendship is no big deal. However if you still feel the same, don’t go ahead with any kind of association. Take out some time and think about how you feel about your ex.

What kind of feelings you have for him/her at the money? Do you still love him? Do you hate him/her? Are you unsure of what you want of this liaison? I there is any confusion, you should not continue the relationship.

Should you be really friends with your ex?

If you want him/her back in your life, you should NOT be friends. Such an arrangement will only evoke more pain, anxiety, trauma and depression in your life. It will be a relationship based on lie and will not work well for long.

It would be wise to stay away from your ex for sometime if you have recently broken. This is the time when you have not got over things and may want to get again badly. Meeting or any kind of association with your ex at this stage of life will only bring you more pain. This will make it very difficult for you to recover from the breakup.

Developing a relationship of friendship with your ex is a difficult task especially if you have just broken up. Give yourself sometime before jumping in to any conclusion.


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