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Loving without losing yourself

Every woman will get excited about the feeling of having a man loving her madly. Is it true for you? Do you feel on the ninth cloud each time your boyfriend confesses his undying love for you? Do you believe in him truly when he tells you that he is totally in to you?

In case, you have not experienced anything like this in your life till now but want to have a man who is completely crazy for you, then it is time to throw some of your charm and make a man love you.

Loving someone is not crime. It does not bring a lot of pain as described by most of the poets and writers. It is possible to love someone without losing yourself. Here are some tips to follow in order to keep your self-respect and confidence high when loving someone.

When in a new relationship it is very easy to get carried away by the charm of the other person and put endless efforts to make him believe that you love him truly with all your heart.

You would also like to put romance and physical aspects of your relationship ahead of emotional ones. This is one of the best techniques to make the man fall for you, according to you.

However understand that it takes much more and deeper than mere lust and physical intimacy to make your man fall for you. Experts in the field of love and relationship management feel that it is the emotional bond and friendship that can stand the test of time.

You need to be extremely careful when bonding with a man emotionally. Take special care that you do not lose yourself in this game. It is extremely important to preserve your personal freedom and pleasure despite of how well the liaison is going.

It is quite easy to ignore flaws and negative shades of a man during courtship. This is the period when you are completely smitten over by him and want to be with him come what may.

You tend to see your man as your ideal prince and in a state of faultlessness in the beginning of a relationship. This stage can also be referred to as infatuation.

This is the stage where hormones are ruling you. This is not bad because these hormones are responsible to create attraction between two individuals initially. Once the initial charm wears off, you need to accept your man as he is, with all the flaws he possesses.

When you observe that your man is trying to change you completely and making hard attempts to make you compromise on your values, understand that you are on the verge of losing yourself for loving this man.

Take a few steps back immediately and make him understand that you love him nut love your self-respect and dignity more than anything else. Make it clear to him that you would not compromise on your self-respect no matter what.


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