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Living and Working in the same Space: Pros and Cons

Everything in this world has its pros and cons. The concept of living and working in the same space is no exception. Most people think that couples who share work and living area are truly blessed. They are under a notion that these couples have plenty of time to share together and can be together whenever they want.

It is true that couples who work together from home have plenty of time together and can have a glimpse of each other whenever they want. However one should not forget there are pros and cons of this kind of an arrangement. Here are some of the positives and negatives of sharing living and working space with your spouse.


* If you and your partner work together from home, it is easy for you to understand each other’s work pressures and priorities. This develops a kind of understanding between the two of you and helps you to respect each other’s profession.

* When you and your partner work from home together, you can share a lot of responsibilities with more passion and excitement.

* Working together will give you certain opportunities to share romantic and intimate moments together which will be otherwise impossible for you to do due to time frame that you require devoting towards an office setting.

* When you are at home and working from your living space, you can plan many things together. For instance, if you want to enjoy a romantic date or getaway on a specific day, you can finish off your targets the previous day and plan something great for the next day.

You may also indulge in some of your homework while working from home with your partner and share responsibilities.


There are many cons of living and working in the same space with your partner. These include the following:

* Working together means there is no space in your relationship. When you and your partner go out and work at different offices, you are away from each other for about 8-9 hours. This helps you enjoy some space in the relationship.

When you are ready to meet each other in the evening, you are all charged up to tell your partner how you missed each other. However this is not the case when you work together at home.

* When you are together 24 x 7, there is nothing to tell each other. When you are away for work, many instances that occur.

You would want to narrate these incidents to each other. You have a lot to tell each other. This keeps your relationship alive.

* When working together at living space, couples hold the tendency to take fights to the work space. This is very harmful for your work.

When working away, you tend to forget about the fight you had last night. However this is not the case when you work together. Fights may affect your performance to a great degree.

Your mind is diverted to personal phone calls, unexpected guests arriving at home and other things at home such as kids and emergencies. This will affect your performance.


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