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Emotional Cheating vs. Physical Cheating: Which is worse?

Cheating in a relationship is not tolerable. Infidelity of any kind is not tolerated in a relationship. Unfortunately cheating in a relationship has become a common affair for people these days.

The reasons may be many. However the one who is faithful and committed bears the brunt of it. One of the most common queries counselors get regarding infidelity is “is emotional cheating worse than physical cheating?”

Well, this is actually a very tough question to answer because cheating of any kind is cheating. There is nothing more or less in this. It is very similar to asking someone how he would prefer to die, being shot dead or hanged till death. In both the cases, the result is the same.

The person will die. So giving a choice is just foolishness or cruel to the one getting killed.

Emotional cheating in a relationship is painful because it hurts to know that your lover is finding comfort and love in someone else’s company. Physical cheating may be less hurting as you may believe that it was just one’s physical need that brought your partner closer to someone.

This is just like answering to nature’s call just when you hear it. There is no ‘love’ attached to this encounter. There is a sense of satisfaction that your partner did not love the other person involved.

Emotional infidelity or cheating is more hurtful to women. They would get hurt with the mere imagination of their husband or boy friend loving another woman.

This can deflate their ego badly. A woman feels pride in the fact their husband or partner is faithful to them. The act of faithfulness of their partner gives them a sense of fulfillment and assures them of how attractive they are to their partner.

What is Emotional Cheating?

Sharing close elements of your life, marriage, and yourself with anyone else other than your wife is emotional infidelity. The emotional bond may become stronger with every interaction that you make with this person. This bond may make you crave for spending more time with this person. As a result, you lie to your spouse.

Physical cheating is easier to overcome. This is also the reason that most women tend to forgive one their partner’s night stands and short visits to prostitutes. 

However emotional cheating is unbearable. It becomes almost impossible for a woman to think of how their partner have lied to them, shared intimate moments with someone else and developed passionate feelings towards someone else. Forgiveness in such cases becomes impossible in such situations.

Many sessions of counseling, confessions and convincing may fail to work. The scars left by emotional cheating are permanent and hard to eliminate.

In case, you want do not want your relationship to end, you must avoid any kind of emotional attachment or relationship with another woman. Your partner may dump you as soon as she comes to know about it. You would find it really hard to face your partner in future.


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