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The Art of Forgiving in a Relationship:

Do you believe in the concept of forgiving those who have done something wrong or hurting towards you? If not then you must think about this seriously. Forgiving someone will give you a felling of contentment and happiness. This is the best way to create the best of relationships.

You can have some good people in your life to share your joys and sorrows with. Here is how you can use the art of forgiving to cultivate a more significant and fulfilling relationship.

First you need to be very careful about someone who is asking for forgiveness from you. Know his/her intentions and to what degree he/she has hurt you in the past.

This will let you know how genuine the person is and whether he/she has any wrong intentions towards you. In case, the person has suddenly come back and wants you to forgive, avoid taking any rash decision. You may inform that you would require some time to think.

Think on this matter alone, especially about what this person actually did to you. You must know whether or not you can trust him/her in the future. Once you decide to give the person another chance, make some criteria on close you want to get.

If you feel angry and depressed, don’t worry, it is completely normal. It is very natural to experience mixed feelings when someone reenters your life and ask for forgiveness.

However, giving another chance and reviving a relationship that was once special for you is better than holding grudges against this person for life and feeling depressed about it.

As you decide to forgive this person, you must focus on keeping all the grudges, anger, jealousy and negative feelings at bay. This is how you can make things normal. Forgiving means that you need to keep yourself away from any kind of negative feelings towards one who is seeking forgiveness.

This will make it easy for you to forgive and forget.

Sit and talk. Having a heart to heart conversation is always important. Clear out whatever you have against this person in your heart. This will definitely make it easy to forgive him/her. Also let him know how badly you were hurt and how this incident changed your life.

This needs to happen face to face. Chatting online or phone calls may not have a powerful impact. Let this person know why you have decided on forgiving and what you expect in the future.

Do not jump start a passionate relationship as soon as you talk and forgive. Let things go at a slow pace. This will give you some time to know whether the person has really changed or just pretending. It is better to take precautions than getting hurt and depressed again.

The best way to start off with the procedure of forgiveness is to understand why and how this person has hurt you. Taking the steps stated above will definitely help you to truly forgive this person.


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