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Attracted to your Teacher? What to do?

It is not uncommon for students to get infatuated and physically attracted towards their teachers. Now this is natural but can be really dangerous for you. A relationship with a teacher may be ok for you because you are badly attracted to him/her. However this is illegal and can land your teacher in jail!

There are several things you can do to deal with this problem. The age difference between a student and the teacher is great. Teachers are mostly seen as idols. They are quite convincing to the students. You need to understand that a teacher cannot pursue the relationship further. This will only hurt you a lot. You would not achieve anything good from this. So what should you do in this regard?

Well there are several things to do. First and foremost you need to understand that your teacher is your mentor and idol. It is quite natural for you and other students to get attracted to him/her. Understand that it is just an infatuation that is going to fade away with time. Consider the following things if you are not able to tackle the problem on your own:

* What is your age? If you are too young, then just forget about what you want.

* What is the age of your teacher? If the age gap between you and the teacher is more than a decade, simply stay off.

* Is the teacher married? If your teacher is married, then all possibilities of fruition of your desires are just a dream.

* Are you studying in a public school or in a university? You and the teacher will be in a big trouble.

* Is the teacher teaching you presently? You will actually be proving dangerous to your teacher’s reputation and profession.

* Do you see your teacher returning your affection? If not, you are just wasting your time.
Getting attracted to your teacher can be a great feeling. However, you should avoid taking the matter to seriously or to your heart. You must understand that this matter is something to laugh off a few years later when you grow up. Having a crush on your teacher is one thing and giving wings to your desires is something else. This will take you nowhere. You will get nothing more than a bad name, bad reputation and a lot of pain.

Try doing a favor by understanding that you should consider your teacher a teacher and nothing more than that. You must keep a good distance from your teacher when it comes to the matters of heart. It is true that you cannot help feeling attracted to your teacher. However, you must do a favor to yourself and your beloved teacher by keeping the matter of love away.

* Stay cool
* Try hard to get an A grade
* Behave in class
* Get over it as soon as possible
* Find someone hot in your class who is of your age


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