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Author: Tin Pan
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Forgive and Forget: The Challenge to forgive those whom you Love:

Love is a beautiful feeling. It binds two people in a relationship that is sacred and special. The feeling of love is greater than anything in this world. However, we also hold a tendency to get hurt by those whom we love. It also becomes really hard to forgive someone who has hurt us. This is also the reason that most of the close relationships end in bad taste. Is it worth the ordeal?

Experts from the field of love and relationship management feel that it is always fair and wise to forget and forgive.

However this is what most people find really difficult to do. It is very simple. Sometimes we tend to make aggressive decisions at different stages in a relationship. These decisions turn out to be critical and result in a break up.

Every individual has a tendency to respond to offence in a different manner. Some may forgive and forget while others keep grudges within for a lifetime. However, keeping grudges within is not the right thing to do.  To err is human.

How do you feel if someone close to you is not ready to forgive you for a mistake? You may think that it would have been fair to have got an opportunity to repent. This is how others feel. Hence it would be wise to give an opportunity to repent. The Almighty preached each one of us to repent and religiously follow the Holy Gospel.

To forgive is divine. When you forgive someone, you are obeying God and following his directions. It also opens door to peace and happiness. Forgiving someone is also a great way to eliminate any kind of guilt and grudges from your heart.

When forgiving someone, you need to be prepared. Understand that forgiveness is for your own self and not someone else. This is way to lead a happy and contented life. Forgiveness can help you retain most of your close relationships. You will not be alone. It is simple.

If you develop a habit of plating grudges and complaints in your heart against everyone who hurts you, then you may be left alone in the long run. You will not have anyone who wants to share your joy and sorrows.

Forgiveness can also be referred to as a formidable tool in your bonding with others. It possesses the power to destroy all kinds of barriers. It also has a tendency to create strong connections between you and your loved ones. This helps you in leading a peaceful pleasant life with others.

If you want to ensure emotional and spiritual well-being, learn to forgive and forget. It is important to learn different ways to forgive those who are responsible to hurt you, bring you down, or consider you an enmity you. Forgiving someone will make those who have hurt you repent more and feel ashamed of themselves.

One who forgives is generous. Think positively and you would definitely feel good about having forgiven someone who has hurt you.


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