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Healthy Relationship: The Secrets

Most people feel that it is literally difficult to find the right person in your life. This is because people are in a habit of seeing the world with rose colored glasses. Those who find a partner in their life should focus on maintaining the relationship in a healthy manner. This is how they will stay happy in their life and relationship.

So what makes a relationship healthy?

This is an intelligent question. A healthy relationship means that you are happy with your partner enjoy doing things with each other and most importantly love each other. Here are qualities that you require focusing on in order to make your relationship healthy.


No relationship can survive for long without trust. If you are talking to a cool girl in your class or a colleague and your partner does not lose his temper is a good sign. A little bit of jealousy is ok at times. This is completely human. You just need to watch your reaction when you are jealous. There is a thin line between reacting and over reacting.

Mutual respect

This is imperative in a relationship. This is something that works towards cementing your relationship. You need to listen to your partner when he/she says that doing a particular thing makes him/her uncomfortable. Understanding each other’s values will take you a long way.


How well do you support your partner? You need to support your partner in both good and bad times of life. You should have a shoulder to cry on and give one when required.


A relationship will not work in the long run if you do not focus on being honest with each other. Telling a lie once in awhile is human. However things take a serious turn when you start hiding things and tell major lies to your partner.


Being in a relationship does not mean that you guys lose your identities. You should pursue your likes, dislikes, your values; keep your friends, family and hobbies.  Compromises are definitely important but not to a very large extent.  Remember that even coupled together, you have a different identity of your own.

Clear, healthy communication

A relationship is nothing without a good, clear communication with each other. Keeping grudges and not speaking to partner what hurts you or what you felt bad about can kill a relationship in the long run. So saying ‘nothing’, ‘I am ok’, ‘leave me alone’, ‘can we speak later’ or ‘I don’t want to talk about this now’ are serious relationship killers. If you are in a relationship, you definitely require speaking to each other. This is the best way you can keep your relationship healthy and alive.

Following the rules mentioned above will definitely let you enjoy a good relationship with your partner. You will be able to develop deep understanding and love for each other. Last but not the least, laugh a lot together and spend quality time. You will never regret this!


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