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Afraid to be Naked - Reasons men are Afraid to be Naked

Men possess certain fears. The darkest of them is to pose naked in front of a woman especially with whom they are about to develop a relationship. There are many reasons behind this. Most men hate themselves when they are naked. In fact, they fear exposing their nakedness.

One of the main reasons behind this fear is related to the kind of discomfort they share with their body structure. Some men are extremely uncomfortable about the way they look when they are naked.

Men think that they look ugly when they are naked because:

* They are thin
* They don’t have enough muscles to flaunt
* They have a huge paunch
* They suffer from male breasts
* They feel that they are too hairy
* They do not have perfectly sculpted ribs

Above stated are certain fear man hold in their hearts due to which they are uncomfortable being naked in front of a woman. However, it is really important to come out of this fear and inferiority complex as soon as possible. The fear can reduce your self confidence to a significance amount. Understand that you are a creation of the almighty. Hence it is important to respect and love yourself for what you are. Here are some reasons why you are a special and beautiful creation of God:

* Moon looks perfectly beautiful from the planet we live in. However, if you observe closely, this beautiful creation also has many scars. It is not smooth.

* Beautiful roses have ugly thorns in them.

* One of the exquisite flowers, lotus thrives in dirty swamp.

* Peacock is widely appreciated for its beautiful feather and graceful dance has the ugliest feet.

* Nightingale has the most melodious voice but is just an ordinary black bird.

* Diamonds are cut from black ugly rocks.

So you know that the most beautiful and widely appreciated things in the world too have their ugly part. All of us have flaws. There is something very beautiful and unique about you. Feel confident about yourself. In case, you feel extremely uncomfortable about the way you look, there are plenty of techniques you can utilize to rectify flaws.

Try joining a gym health club to get the kind of body you want. Get a makeover. This may include getting a new haircut or adding something new and interesting in your wardrobe. It is all about feeling beautiful. You are handsome if your feel so. If you do not feel good about yourself, nothing in this world can make you look good.

Believe that you are a special creation of God and possess something really unique. This will let you come out of any kind of inferiority complex you have about your physical experience. Being naked is not a sin. You would look beautiful because there is something special about you. This confidence will take you a long way and even help you in overcoming any kind of fear.


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