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What Women Want: Qualities Women Look for in a Man

Before you date a woman, it is important to acquire good knowledge about what she wants in a man. Usually it is quite difficult to read a woman’s mind. However, there are certain common traits in every woman you should know about. This will certainly help you know her better and understand what she wants and would appreciate in you.

Here are some key qualities woman look for in a man:

* Sense of humor: Developing a good sense of humor is very important. An average level will also work well. If you are able to make a woman smile and laugh, the battle is half won. Women simply love to be around men who can make them laugh. This is how they know that they can eliminate some of the sorrows from their life.

* Reliability: Who does not want to be around someone who is completely reliable? Trustworthiness is something that a woman seriously looks in a man. You would take years to build and display genuine trust in a relationship. Loyalty and trustworthiness is a must in a relationship.

* Politeness: This is no brainer. A woman would surely not like being with a man who shouts and screams at her for no reason. Practicing politeness will take you a long way. You need to be polite when dealing with a lady.

* Chivalry: Dump chauvinism and adopt chivalry. Open the car door for her, shift the chair at a restaurant to make her sit, offer to pay the bill and make her believe that you will take care of her. Every woman dreams of her ideal man arriving on a white horse in shining armor. Impress your girl with chivalry galore.

* Money:
Well, you may find this a bit disgusting. However if women love candlelight dinners, exotic flowers, diamonds, gifts and long drive in expensive cars, you need to have the kind of money for it. This does not mean that love is all about money. However money is an important aspect too. Being a miser or spending thrifty will not work when attracting a girl.

* Confidence: You tend to hold some style and class in you when you are confident about who you are and what you do. Women usually prefer being around men who are confident and hold high self and what you do.

* Intelligent: Now here we don’t mean that you act like Einstein and invent something really great. You just need to use your common sense. Intelligence is sexy for women. They would like to stay alone than being around someone who is stupid, boring, dumb and frustrating.

*  Comfortable: Are you a comfortable person to be with? If yes, then it is possible for you to attract women easily. Women want to be with someone who they are comfortable talking with, laugh with, eat with, cry with and share their intimate feelings with.


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