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What your Guy says and what He Means: Most Common Guy Phrases Translated

It is not strange that guys are often unable to tell their women what’s on their mind and what they feel. They have different things to say to which they mean the opposite. Women usually prefer to bond with their partner via conversation.

This is not possible for men. The case is entirely different for men. Majority of men want to bond by getting engaged in an activity together.

Here is a guide to men phrases. The cryptic code of men has been translated to allow you understand them in a better way.

1. He says:  I am pretty much single.
He means: I have a girlfriend but you are hotter.

2. He says: We should hang out together someday.
He means: I am afraid you will say no.

3. He says: I am not keen on entering in to a relationship at the moment.
He means: I want to do you.

4. He says:
Shall we Dutch?
He means: Hey, I am not that into you.

5. He says: Can we talk later?
He means: I never want to talk about this.

6. He says: You are a wonderful friend.
He means: I don’t want to date you.

7. He says: I don’t play games.
He means: I hold expertise in playing games and warn you not to try any on me.

8. He says: I will call you later.
He means: Please do not expect my call.

9. He says: I am very bad at handling relationships.
He means: You are not important to me.

10. He says: Your friend is great.
He means: I find her hotter than you!

11. He says: My friends liked you a lot.
He means: I think I have started liking you.

12. He says: He is a good friend of yours, yeah?
He means: Have you ever slept with him?

13. He says: I thought I knew her.
He means: I was actually checking her out.

14. He says: I am sorry that I didn’t call.
He means: I am not sorry but saying so because I don’t want to get in to big bad fight with you.

15. He says: You have never done that before. Where did you learn it from?
He means: Have you been seeing someone else behind my back?

16. He says: Is that your new look? You look different.
He means: You look weird.

17. He says: Give me some space.
He means: Stay away. Please let me stay on ground and you transport yourself to the ‘space’.

18. He says: It is a little colder tonight/Are you comfortable with what you are wearing?
He means: Your outfit is revealing. I don’t want guys hitting on you.

19. He says: Why are you getting so emotional?
He means: Why are you acting like a complete psycho?

20. He says: It is not a big deal, understand.
He means: It is a big deal. But I hope that I can fool you in to thinking it is not.


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