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What Men say Vs what they mean: Do you know about your Man Enough?

Have you been sitting with a rose flower and plucking the petals saying ‘He loves me, He loves me not’; in order to figure out what he really meant on last time he met you?

Is it a practice that you follow after each meeting with your guy? This may give you a momentary solution and satisfaction. However, this is certainly not the right technique to know what your guy means. If you want to understand him well, it is important to know what exactly he means.

Here are some translations of what men say in to what they actually mean.

This will help you know your man well:

* He says – “I like your necklace earrings, shirt, and hairstyle”
* He means – “You look beautiful”.

You may not know but when your guy compliments you, he surely has ulterior motives. However, this does not mean that his compliments are less genuine. He may want to say that he finds you attractive in a different way or in his own style.

* He says – “I don’t have time/ have been busy”
* He means – “You do not excite me anymore”.

This is a big problem if you have just started dating the guy. If he has been avoiding you or keeping busy for some time now, this clearly means that he has lost interest in you. In case, you have been dating for a long time, this statement means that he would like to focus on other things at the moment.

* He says –
“Give me some space”.
* He means – “Slow down the speed at which we are moving our relationship”.

When it is a new relationship, men tend to get over excited. In fact, they are more excited than women. However, as time passes, they get worried. They think that things are going too fast, too soon. They want to slow down the temperature. All you require confirming is whether he still wants to date you.

* He says – “I like being with you”
* He means – “I think I am in love with you”.

When it is about love, most men are not sure. However, they try to assess their feelings for a woman via knowing how they feel when they are with her. In case, your man says that he likes spending time with you, he means that he has developed a feeling similar to ‘Love’ for you.

* He says – “Marriage is not my cup of tea”.
* He means – “I will not marry you”.

Yes! Remember that he would not start a relationship in the first place if he does not believe in marriage. When he says he does not believe in marriage, he is not sure of how he feels for you at the moment. Marriage is surely not on his mind, at least with you.

You may find really difficult to understand what men say and what they really mean. However, the translations given above will surely help. It is always better to have a heart-to-heart conversation on what you feel about the relationship with your man.


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