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Please your girl: Small moves will Score you Big

Most men feel that pleasing a girl can be nerve wrecking and the most difficult task they can indulge in. However, this is not true. Pleasing your girl and gaining her attention can be really easy. All you require doing is to make small moves towards your big goal.

Believe it or not this is going to score you really big. There is no doubt that women love over the top gestures coming from their men. However, most of the time, it is small efforts that make them feel on top of this world. Here is what you can do to make your woman happy always and yearning for you.

Text Randomly

Did you ever realize the power of texting? Well it can do a lot to you and your partner. Remember how your girl types “just saying hello!” to you? The real meaning to the line is that she wants you to hit back. 

According to researches, it has been proved that women require regular communication to feel the strength of the relationship and feel secure about it. So if really want to make her feel happy, it would be great to text her randomly whenever you get time.


Get girlie with your girl to win her heart. Your girl is definitely doing things to please you like watching your favorite game show or the world cup series with you.

This does not mean that she is having a great time doing it. So it becomes your duty to do things that will make her happy. Try taking her to her favorite restaurant or go shopping with her. She will definitely get thrilled.


She lets you enjoy your space. What do you plan to give her in return? Well, try sharing space with her. You would definitely be successful in making her happy.

Dedicate a little place of yours to her. Stock her favorite soda or keep a hair dryer in your bathroom for her. She will feel that you have a special place in your heart for her. Nothing feels better than being cared for and loved. Your girl will appreciate this gesture of yours.

Sharpen your memory

Girls simply love to remember small things and special occasions. So you require to sharpen your memory a little.

This does not mean that you attar remembering the day you kissed her first or gave her the first flower. Try to make her feel special on special occasions such as her birthday, your anniversary, proposal day, valentine’s day etc.

Pleasing a girl and winning her heart is not a difficult task. You can easily do it via keeping her happy with small gestures. Make small event special for her. Following the tips mentioned above will let you share a great relationship with your girl.


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Please your girl: Small moves will Score you Big

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