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Rhythmic Pleasures: Joy of Togetherness

Having a rocking time with your partner is what will make you help in building a successful relationship. The fast paced life has left with no time for people today to take out time for them and indulge in sexual pleasure.

It is really hard to be in the best form with your partner in bed at night. So what? This does not mean that you need to abstain from the pleasure. There are ways to relive the pressure and get in to form. Try to take it slow. Enjoy moments with your partner. Here are some hot tips to perk up your sex life.

Hit the Passion

Try snaking behind your man and hold him close. Massage his back and slowly go up his chest and all the way down. Whisper sweet nothings in his ear and get ready for the magic.

Strip Slowly

This is a great feeling and you both will enjoy the act to the hilt. Try removing each item of clothing that you are wearing slowly. It would be a bonus to play a sensuous song in the background. Allow him to stare at you while you do the stripping. This will definitely work as a libido trigger for your m

Wall Support

Why should you choose the bed for support all the time? There are many other places to go for. Why not take the wall for support this time? This will be a rocking idea for the both of you.

Take Time

You may not have realized this but women are slow burners. They will take much longer to get aroused and excited. So take your time to arouse her. Remember that the longer the sex takes, the better it gets.

Tease him

This may be something that you have never done to him. Do this and you will simply love his reaction to this gesture of yours. Try to tease him with a silken scarf or a soft feather. Blindfold your man and let him guess all that you put in to his mouth.

Beg Borrow Steal

Kiss him everywhere and beg for it in return. He would fall for this gesture of yours. Make him feel that you can literally beg, borrow and steal to get his love. This will also work for a great ego booster for your guy.


Unfortunately many have underestimated the power of a sensuous massage. It can create a great bonding between the two of you.

It can be a heavenly experience before you get in to the final act. Experts have said that a relaxing sensual massage can work towards unlocking the body to some intense orgasms. It can help you have better sex in the end.

Soak Together

Soaking together in a hot tub can be a fantastic experience. You would definitely enjoy the benefits of having a bath together. This will also lead you to having great sex towards the end.

Warm Atmosphere

Most people focus on keeping the temperature cold when making love. However experts feel that it is good to keep the atmosphere warm and not cold.

Heat creates dilation of blood vessels and flushing of the skin. Heat will also make you flush during sex.


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