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Gay and Single: Should you Stay Single Forever?

A lot of gay men are single. Sometimes, it is their personal choice while others find it difficult to get a partner. Here are some facts related to gays, relationship and their single status.

* Partners for gay:

There are many gay singles who are leading a blissful life in spite of being single. It is perfectly possible for a gay to be single and happy forever. This does not mean that gays do not face highs and lows in their relationships.

When gay men are single, they have actually accepted their status and developed the habit of being happy in their state. They are not in a relationship. However, they have got an opportunity to share close friendships. They do not mind aging alone than spending their lives in searching for Mr. Right.

* Single and happy:

Most gay men find it good to be single. They do not want to see themselves trapped in to a relationship wherein they require being responsible for everything they do. They love their freedom and want to remain that way. They do not want to feel ashamed of what they are.

* No pretentions:

Being gay and single means you do not require pretending. Men are supposed to socialized and well behaved. They cannot trust other men at a certain age. Gay men also get hurt because they do not get much opportunity to express and share their desires.

This is also the reason they desire to stay single. Relationship or marriage between a man and woman is different from a relationship between a man and a man. In a relationship between a man and a woman, the woman is submissive and man is a bit dominating. Most of the time the woman needs to sacrifice.

However, if it is a relationship between and a man and a man, it becomes really difficult for one of them to be less powerful. The ego deflates and one may suffer from deep depression. This will definitely make a relationship break forever.

* Long term love:

Gay men are single for lifelong because they make many mistakes when looking for love. They are not quite clear of what they want to achieve in life when it comes to finding a partner or getting married. One of the major mistakes they make is to look for long term love. They do not look for satisfaction in the relationship they are in, at present.


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