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Changing your Significant Partner? Reasons not to Change

Most of the times, we are hurt with the behavior of our significant partner. This happens many times in your life. You want your significant other to alter his/ her behavior but to no avail.

Now, you think of leaving him/ her. This might seem to be the only solution for you after a lot of trying and crying the right solution? Is it really easy?

Well experts in the field of relationship management feel that changing significant partner just because he/ she possesses some flaws or isn’t changing behavior is not a good idea. In fact, there are many reasons that you should not think of changing someone.

Here are some of the most significant reasons not to change your significant other:

* No one will change if you ask him/ her to do so:

Would you like constantly being nagged about what’s bad in you and get suggestions about what to change?

No. No one would like this. In fact, if you constantly nag someone to change, he/ she will become a rebel. You need to look for some other ways instead on reminding your partner that he/ she have imperfections.

* Differences add spice to your love life:

How boring it would be if both of you loved the same kind of food, clothing style, movies, drinks and perspectives in life.

You would not have variety. Remember that variety adds spice to your life. Differences are not bad if you learn how to compliment them. Criticizing your partner just because he does not share same interests and habits would be cruel.

* Love your partner for what he/she is:

When you tell your partner that he/she needs to change, you are telling him/ her that you do not love him/her anymore. Love your partner for what he/she is and not what you want to make him/her of.

* Remember good old times:

Try remembering those times when you loved your partner and wanted to be with him/her despite of all the flaws. Now you are confusing him/her by telling that he/she needs to change.

* Give time:

Instead of telling what you want to change in your partner, tell him/her what you would love him/her to do for you. This will inspire your partner to do things for you that will make you feel good.

* Give time:

Give time to your partner. He/she will change when ready. It would be unfair to ask your partner to change the behavior and habits that he/she has been practicing since birth or for some years now.

Changing your significant other is not similar to changing defective equipment. Many emotions and special moments are associated to a relationship. Try changing yourself for your partner. Experience the difficulty and time required to be successful in your mission before expecting the same from your partner.


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