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Fall in Love More: Fun ways to do it

Falling in love is a beautiful experience in itself. It is a state of mind where a couple finds solace and happiness being in each others’ arms. However, most people do not realize that just falling in love is not enough to keep a relationship going and strengthening it. You need to fall in love more and more as each day passes by. Now this does not need to be a painful affair. There are many fun ways that will help you two to fall in love more with each other.

Have you ever thought that little gestures such as holding hands in public, calling him/her ‘sweetie’ and catching his/her eye across the room can spell magic? Well, these may not sound a big deal to you but it is often small pleasing gestures that strengthen the bond of love. If you have been thinking of ways to make your guy fall in love more with you and pamper you, try these tips and you will soon observe that your guy is doing the same sweet things to you.

Celebrate in a big way

So what do you do when he shares good news with you? Now you may think that there is no big deal about sharing news but it definitely is. Good news is shared with those closer to you and who matter a lot in your life. So if he decided to share his achievements with you, this certainly means that you are an integral part of your life. Celebrate his event in a big way. This will let him feel that his happiness matters to you a lot. You can do a lot of things in this regard. For instance, you can open up a bubbly bottle of champagne or treat him out in his favorite restaurant. Do it the way you want to.

Rave, Rave, Rave

You need to do this if you want to make your guy feel special. Rave about the new restaurant he picked up to treat you or a gift that he has showered on you recently. This is also a big ego booster for men.

Buy him Underwear

Try to buy him his lucky underwear. Since you are buying this, make sure that it has to be something really special. Do not buy him something that he buys in routine. Buy something that comes from a reputed or costly brand. This should be something so special that he wants to treasure.

Introduce in Style

This will definitely drive him crazy and fall for you more. When you introduce your guy to your colleagues, do it with a lot of pomp and show. Try to add one of his recent impressive accomplishments.

Once in a while

This is really important. Try sending him a secret not or email stating how special he is for you and why.


Steal is robe when he is showering. Make sure nothing is left to cover him. You may not believe this but love definitely thrives on naughty, mischievous deeds.


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