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Four Signs your Man is hiding something from you

You know your guy very well. However, sometimes you wonder that he is hiding things from you. This may be a cause of concern for you especially if you are deeply in love with your guy. So what to do? All your efforts to spy him and keeping tabs on his activities failed. How will you make out that he is hiding things from you? Don’t worry. There is a solution for every problem. All you require doing is to make some efforts towards your mission. Here are four sure shot signs to watch out for in order to know that your guy is hiding things from you. This will let you know what the problem with him is and what makes him lie to you.

Four Signs he’s hiding something:

Sign 1: The Throat gets Dry

This is something that you need to observe closely. This is one of the most prominent signs that tell you about your guys’ hiding tales. Hiding something from you will make him nervous. This will make his body get in to a freak out mode. According to researches and studies, it has been proved that when men hide a big secret, the oesophageal muscles in their body constrict and result in dryness of throat. You can easily make this out when your man swallows a lot while speaking to you. He may also try to loosen his throat muscles. This means that he is nervous and what makes him nervous while talking to you other than hiding a big secret from you?

Sign 2: Details, Details, Details and that too without Demands

Men usually stay away from giving too many details. They like the conversation to be short and precise. However if your man suddenly starts giving too many details without being demanded for it, something is definitely wrong somewhere. Do not get fooled by your man’s attempts to give you loads of information about where he was and what he has been doing. This definitely means that he is hiding things from you. The cock and bull story he narrates you will be full of insignificant and irrelevant details. So be careful about your man’s detail giving session next time!

Sign 3: Sex Urge will suddenly Increase

Your guy gets too horny suddenly and wants more sex from you. This is a sure shot sign that something is wrong somewhere. Sometimes men tend to avoid verbal or emotional connection with the one they are committed to because they fear that they will spill out all. So your guy will try to make up for the love connection he has for you by getting more physical to you.

Sign 4: He buries his Hands in Pocket

Men have a tendency to bury their hands in to pockets when they lie or are hiding something form their partners. This is actually their attempt to obtain comfort while indulging in a wrong deed. Now, don’t start blaming your guy if he has a habit of burying his hands in pocket.


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