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What Men Love About Women

Women always wonder what is it that makes a man go crazy about women. They are inquisitive to know what men find attractive in women.

Is it the way they talk, the way they comb their hair, walk, wears clothes, throw naughty tantrums or is it anything else that makes men fall for them? What should you do to make your man fall head over heels on you? Well, there are several things a man loves about women.

Here is an insight on the burning question that often disturbs your mind: What do men love about women?

* Women taking control: Men Find it HOT!

You might be living under an illusion that men hat bossy women. You are absolutely wrong. Men do not hate bossy female. They just hate their women ruling over them. If you are bossing others around, he is totally cool about it and finds you irresistible.

Your man will love you for screwing someone who has been bothering you. He will love the fact that you are taking control of the situation.

* Watch sports or appreciate that they love sports: Share his Passion

Of course, your man knows that there is nothing girly about watching sports. However, he will love you for supporting him and sharing his passion. Make a cup of hot coffee and favorite snack while he watches the game. Sit with him for some time. He would love you for this.

* Men love that their women want them to live long:

You are smart, beautiful, educated and earning well. This means that you can fare without your man. However, you still get worried about a simple diagnosis he got done and make sure that his body is in healthiest sate.

You serve him the healthiest of food, olive oil, daily serving of fruits, nuts and seeds. Your guy loves you for your passion and desire to keep him alive.

* You love your Guy: Your Guy loves you for this

Men love the fact that they are wanted and loved by their women. This is something that makes their women irresistible for them. So one of the things your guy loves about you is your love for him.

* You Talk, Talk and Talk: Your Guy Loves this!

Do you think that your guy gets super irritated when you talk his ears off? This is just an illusion you have been living with. Men love their women when they do a lot of talking and yakking. They wonder what on earth gives you so much of energy to talk for hours together without getting tired.

* Take hours to get dressed? Your guy loves it!

You take several hours to give a few minutes of appearance at a party. This may irritate your guy for that specific moment. However, this is also what makes him proud of you. He loves the fact that you want to make your guy proud by appearing to be the prettiest girl at the event.


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