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Secrets Men Keep: Know about top secrets a man can keep

Most women feel that men are not as complex a creature as women are. They feel that men do not keep secrets and even if they do they have a tendency to speak their heart out at some point in their life. However, you would be shocked to know that men do keep secrets and a lot of them in their heart.

If you want to know about the secrets your man is keeping from you or generally men keep, here are some of the most common ones men can keep.

More important things than Facebook

Of course men liked Facebook when they first came to know about it. They played games and did a lot of fun things on it. However, it is time to move to some other important things online. They never liked to display their relationship status.

Your friends know about me? Oh! God

This is something your guy will hate. A guy would definitely keep their relationship status unrevealed both on Facebook and from your friends. This is what your guy expects from you. He wants the relationship to be a secret, especially among your close friends. They usually want the details of the relationship to be kept between the two of you.

Men Gossip

Yes! Men do gossip. They would gossip about the new woman in their life, how bad the new boss is and a lot more. They simply love to flaunt about the most exiting phase of their relationship.

They Care

For those who thought that men don’t care, are absolutely wrong. In fact men do care if they want to. They will not care for someone or lose their sleep over someone they do not care for. However, they may not show you this.

Listening? Who me?

Do you know that half the time men are pretending to listen to you? They are smart and know how to pretend that they are listening. They would nod, give an eye contact every now and then and make you feel that everything you say has got in to their ears. This is not the case at all. They are poor listeners and pretend to listen most of the time.

Men love to check out other women

Men consider it their right to look at every woman they pass by. They have a tendency to note a hot girl any time. They will do it even if they are romantically involved in a relationship with you and are committed.

Men cry

One of the biggest myths about men is that they don’t cry. The truth is that they cry and cry a lot with their best buddies. Sometimes, they also feel like giving vent to their feelings.
Other secrets about men

* Men have their emotional moments too

* Men too worry about their body weight

* Men fear growing older

* They will promise to call even if they don’t have any intention to


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