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Author: Tin Pan
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Will she leave her Boyfriend? What to do?

So you have been in to this girl for a long time now. You feel on top of the world when you are with her. You badly want to start off a relationship with her. What’s stopping you? She has a boyfriend and she is still with him.

You met this girl, start talking to her, hanging out with her. Share an awesome connection with each other and are best of friends. You have started loving her madly and what bothers you is that “she is still with him”. She tells you that the relationship she shares with her boyfriend is forever, what to do and how to handle this situation? Well, this situation is extremely tough to handle and can break your nerves if you love this girl to death.

This situation is not unique. It is not you alone who is going through hell. There are many in this world sailing in the same boat as you. People meet, like each other, get very close and all this happens when one of them is already in a relationship.

This is a messy situation and extremely fragile to handle. Most people would like to wait and continue with the relationship while the other finalizes a breakup or divorce.

However, this is easier said than done. Sometimes, these relationships are not easy to handle. People wait endlessly for the other person to come out of their relationship. They try to keep hope till the end and believe in empty promises they get. There are promises after promises but none of these works. The waiting becomes unbearable.

If you fall in to this waiting category, it would be better to realize that this relationship not going to work. Why is she not leaving her boyfriend if she is sure of starting a new life with you? If she tells you that she will leave her boyfriend.

You need to be very clear of the following things before you develop any hope or get in to the waiting process:

* What is she waiting for?

* How committed she is to her boyfriend?

* When is she exactly planning to breakup?

* Is she after your money?

* Is she dead sure of starting a long term relationship with you?

* Does she hold valid reasons to leave her boyfriend?

* Is she emotionally attached to her boyfriend?

You must get all the answers clear and right before you jump in to the waiting process. In case, she firmly tells you that she is not leaving her boyfriend, then you must decide for yourself.

It would not be wise to spoil your life for someone who wants to sail on two boats together. Your waiting and hoping will not hold any meaning here.

Gather all your strength and take a step back in this meaningless relationship you will be happier. You would get a girl who has no boyfriend. Find someone for who you would be the only man.


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