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We are in a Relationship but He doesn’t Love me: How to handle this Situation

Being in a relationship is a different feeling altogether. This is a stage where you learn to share your things with the partner and expect to reciprocate your feelings. Many women expect their men to love them as they do. This is not an unfair expectation. When you love someone, you want the other person to reciprocate your feelings.

There are many situations that arise in a relationship where one finds it difficult to handle things happening around. Women sometimes find that they are really happy in a relationship and dote on their partner.

However, the problem arises when they find that their partner does not love them. Are you in a situation where you have expressed your love to your partner but he didn’t say “I love you back”?

This must be quite shocking and nerve breaking for you. You must have never realized that such a fulfilling relationship will give you shock of a lifetime.

Now the question is how to handle this situation. What has went wrong with such a beautiful relationship that was adored by everyone around?

What made it difficult for your man to say those three little words when everyone including you believe how he loves you?

Handling this kind of a situation is definitely tough.

Here are certain things you need to realize in this regard:

* “I love you” is not just three little words for most men. They consider this as a lifetime commitment and do not want to say it just for the sake of it. Hence, they try to avoid the situation as far as possible.

* Most men think that once they say ‘I love you’ to a woman they are giving an idea that marriage is going to happen soon. This scares them.

* Some men would not say “I love you” to a woman until they really do. They want to make sure that the relationship is forever before they would get in to love and commitment.

* He likes you, loves to be with you and consider you and consider you to be an integral part of his life. However, the thought of loving you dearly never came to his mind.

* He doesn’t love you and do not want to give any wrong notions. So he never said it.

When your man did not react positively to your expression of love and passion towards him, you must have gone through hell. However, this is not the time to reach to a conclusion.

You need to wait. You have expressed your love to him and now let him realize what he to come out of the confusion and any apprehensions that dwell in his mind.

With time, you would definitely get a positive reaction from him. However, if you don’t, stop expecting and move on. Find a man who will genuinely respond to your feelings.


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