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Bad Relationship: How to End One

A bad relationship can prove to be a living hell for those in it. It is better to end a relationship when you feel that it has taken a bad and distasteful turn rather than continuing with it.

The concept is simple. What will your doctor advice if a limb of your body becomes poisonous and poses potential danger to other parts of the body? Well, your doctor will definitely advise you to cut the limb off your body.

This will help you to keep yourself away from the pain and the danger the limb may pose to other parts of the body. Similarly it is important to end a relationship if you feel that it is not giving you anything other than pain, unending fights and stress.

The task may be really difficult but you definitely need to carry it off. This is the only way you and your partner can lead a peaceful and happy life away from each other.

Here is how to end a relationship that is giving nothing to you except pain and stress.

Take courage

Of course it takes a lot of courage to break a relationship that was truly special to you at one point of time. This is the same person you have loved so much and wanted to be with for the rest of your life.

This is the same person with whom you shared some of the happiest and intimate moments of your life. This can be really difficult for you but you need to take courage. Decide that you have had enough of pain and want to lead a happier life in your own terms now.

Know why to end

Do you have enough reasons to end the relationship? Try to know what makes you detest the relationship and what is it that makes you end it.

Write down what hurts you in the relationship and how have you been dealt by your partner in the recent past. This will definitely make you feel strong and help you take the appropriate step.

Speak to your partner

Once you have decided to end your relationship, it is important to speak to your partner about your decision. Let him/her know about what makes you break the relationship and explain how the decision can be helpful for both of you in future.

Listen patiently what your partner has to say. Do not try to end everything abruptly or over phone. This can result in acrimony. The decision should be mutual.


Once you have called it quits, it is time to revive your life all over again. You need to start afresh. This may be a little in the beginning. It would be wise to take help of your friends, well wishers and family. You would definitely be able to come out of the ugly phase of your life.

All the best!


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