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Extramarital Affairs: Dealing with the Problem

According to a recent statistics, it has been proved that more than about forty percent of women and sixty percent of men tend to indulge in extramarital affairs. Now these total to about eighty percent of the marriages having at least one of the spouses indulging in an extra marital affair at one point of time. Such common is marital infidelity these days.

This is a common problem that needs to be dealt carefully. This is also important because the rising figure is a sure shot indication that someone really close to you may get involved in an extra marital affair. The possibility of something like this to happen is very high.

It is not very difficult to know that a person is having an extramarital affair. There are several signs that can tell you about this. You would notice significant changes in the habits of a person. The basic behavioral patterns change. Lack of focus on regular house hold activities and decrease in productivity are also visible signs of the fact that a person is having an extramarital affair.

You can easily sense something out of character with this person. Certain usual traits will go amiss.

The person will definitely try to hide things but you need to keep tabs on the activities via observing the person and his activities closely. There are several ways in which you can deal with the problem. First, you need to understand that extramarital affairs are different.

These also tend to serve different purposes. Some of the extramarital affairs arise out of lack of physical intimacy in marriage. Infidelity happens due to dissatisfaction in marriage.

Some of the extra marital affairs happen due to sexual addiction of one of the partners. Men usually are curious about trying different sexual acts and experimenting.

This leads them to have relationship with multiple women at a time. Another reason of having an extramarital affair is revenge. This is actually a revenge on the spouse due to an act of infidelity or something very brutal. This can also happen due to anger of one of the spouses in marriage towards other.

There are several ways in which you can help. Here is what you can do:

* Talk to your partner. Tell him/her that you have had enough of it and knows what he/she has been doing behind your back.

* Keep close tabs on your partner’s activities. This will give you an idea on whether your partner is really indulging in an affair.

* Tell your partner that everything he/she did actually hurt you.

* Ask your partner what he/she wants. You have a right to know whether your partner want to call it quits with you.

* Try to solve problems. Marital discords and problems need to be solved before they take shape of something really big. This is known to be one of the best ways to keep the possibility of extramarital affair out of question in your marriage.

* Meet a counselor and let him know about the problem you are suffering from. Adept counseling and advice will definitely save your marriage


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