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Cheating Men: Reasons Men Cheat

Every man in this world cheats or makes attempts to cheat. Is this a normal tendency of a man? Women want to know reasons men cheat. They want to know about what makes a man cheat. This is a complex issue because the definition of cheating is different for different women.

Some feel that a committed man looking at other women is cheating whereas some feel that spending intimate moments other women when in a committed relationship is cheating. For some women, emotional infidelity is the ‘actual cheating’. Here are some of the most common reasons men cheat on their women.

It is true that cheating is a state of mind and very individual has different opinion regarding cheating. However, it is also true that relationships such as marriage and living together require certain kind of commitment. However men feel that they have a right to feel free and can have some flings or one-night stands whenever they feel like.

A man tends to separate the act of emotional bond and act of physical love making. It may be a little surprising for women but it is true that a man is capable of performing sexual act without having any emotional bonding with a woman. This is also the reason that most men claim that their ‘cheating’ was just a fling or affair was just physical.

Most often, women suspect their men of cheating. She looks for proof. She is also heartbroken once she is successful in catching her man with another woman red handed. This can bring a lot of anger, frustration and emotional hurt in the woman. Men after not very serious and do not give a lot of importance to the after effects of cheating.

Some men cheat because they think that having many sexual partners is a status symbol. It is something that they can flaunt and be proud of. They are actually boosting their self esteem via cheating.

Some men cheat because they are addicted to sex and the amount of physical pleasure they get form their partner is not adequate. Others are not happy with the way their partners look or have been forced in to marriage to someone they do not like.

Men usually cheat out of their physical needs. They find it as a stress buster and ego booster. Last but not the least, temptation rules their heart and mind. They are unable to know what is right and wrong. Cheating comes naturally to some men. They feel wanted and young at heart via having sex with multiple partners.

It is important for a woman to put their foot down somewhere. The moment they find that they have had enough of the mental torture; they need to talk to their men and take a decision. This is the best way to keep a control over men and tell them that they will not take any more non-sense.


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