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Unable to let go of Mr. Wrong? Help yourself

It is no surprise that most of the time girls end up getting attracted to Mr. Wrong. Well, this is not a sin. This may happen accidentally. Attraction cannot be controlled. You get attracted to a personality, you like him, you talk to him, go out on dates, get intimate and a relationship starts.

After sometime you realize that you have fallen for Mr. Wrong. You break up with him. However, the problem is that you are unable to move on. You are unable to let go of Mr. Wrong. This is a dangerous situation. You must come out of it as soon as possible.

You are in a dangerous situation because you are with “Mr. Wrong”. This man should have no place in your life. You need to be better off. Yes! It is really difficult to end a relationship abruptly and move on. It hurts and pains. The attraction is great. However, you have to put on a brave front and move on. Here is what you need to do to help yourself.

* Give yourself sometime:

Understand that there are no quick fixes. A breakup will definitely take some time to recover. Understand this. Cry if you want to and spend some time alone if you feel like. Do whatever it takes you to feel lighter and drain the memory down.

* Detach yourself:

Are you still clinging on to the teddy bear, the guy gave you on your birthday? Dump it. Throw away all the cards, gifts, knick knacks and chocolate wrappers you preserved as memories of your relationship with this man. Remove him from all your social accounts online and tear away the pictures you have. Remember that this is just a necessary attempt to get of a miserable situation you are in.

* List down all his imperfections:

You have broken off with him because he is Mr. Wrong. Remember this and make a list of all the imperfections he has. Also write down why your life would be living hell with him. This will make you stronger and help you to stay within the track.

* Meet friends:

Catch up with your friends. Spend some quality time with your friends. This will make you feel better. Attend invitations, parties and other events. Socializing will help you come over old memories.

* Ignore calls:

Do not attend calls and text messages pouring in from Mr. Wrong after the breakup. Just ignore these efforts. He may try to trap you again. Just ignore!

* Block him:

Block this guy on your mail, mobile phone and social sites. There is no point of continuing the communication when you are not interested in taking the relationship further. It would be nothing more than a waste of time.

* Hobby class:

Take up a hobby class. This will keep your mind diverted. You would also feel contented when you do something for yourself. Try dancing, painting, crafts, interior designing or anything that catches your fancy.

If you really want to let go of Mr. Wrong, it is important to make efforts towards accomplishing the mission. Following the above stated tips will really help.


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