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Peaceful and Happy Cohabitation: Rules to stay Happy with your Friend/ Partner

Staying with your college pal or best friend may be a wonderful experience. However, if you are serious about enjoying this wonderful experience and bonding with your pal, you must work hard towards a peaceful and happy cohabitation. This task is not as hard as you think it to be. All you require doing is to follow some simple rules in this regard.

Here are some rules you should abide by:

* Realize your needs:

If you want to be happy, it is important to realize your needs and necessities. Believe that these are important for you. Being ashamed of what you want is not fair to you and your pal. Explain your pal about your specific requirements and how important these are for you. This will help your pal understand you and avoid any complication in the future.

* Don’t be too rigid:

Once you have planned to share space with a pal, you need to stop being rigid. The key to peaceful cohabitation is introducing flexibility in to your life. This will help you understand your friend better. You needs are important for you but they are not above your relationship. Try being a little flexible so that it becomes easy for you and your pal to share space.

* Freedom:

Sharing space with your pal and living together does not mean that you do not have a life of your own. Retaining some amount of freedom is very important. Doing most of the things together is a fabulous idea. However, doing everything together may stifle you. You may want to watch your favorite movie while your pal may want to spend a quiet evening. Respecting each other’s freedom and giving space in the relationship will certainly help you a lot.

* Be sincere:

When your pal gets on your nerves, you need to tell him that he/ she do. Being sincere and honest in your relationship is a must you need to tell your pal when she is being unfair. This will help you solve the problem and keep things under control.

* Take suggestions:

It is good to take suggestions from your friend. This will make him/ her feel special and wanted. However, make sure that you do not over do your act.

* Laugh together:

If you want your relationship to grow, it is important to laugh tougher and enjoy good amount of fun. Humor plays a significant role in a relationship. When you laugh together, you share fun and humor. This plays significant role in developing a strong bond with each other.

* Help each other:

You must help each other once in a while. The help can come in any form. You may do dishes for each other, wash clothes or prepare food. This will develop great bond. Your pal will start respecting you and vice versa.

Following rules mentioned above will help you create a special and long lasting bond with your pal. A happy and peaceful cohabitation is possible if you both work towards it.

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