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Want to get your Girlfriend Back after Break up? Proper Rules to Follow

So you have broken up with your girlfriend but unable to forget her. You have realized that you love her truly and cannot live without her. What to do now? At present, you must be constantly thinking about ways to get your girl back. However, just thinking will not be of any use. You need to get in to action as soon as possible if you want to be successful in your mission. Here are some simple yet proven rules to follow in this regard.

* Get back in to your past form:

Remember how you used to be in the past when you started dating your girl. Surely you must be a charming man who used to pull out chairs for her and send her flowers. But what happened now?

Just because your relationship has become a few months or years old, it does not mean that you would take it for granted and eliminate all the good and rosy stuff from it. The key here is to become the charming man you used to be when you first started dating her.

* Do you really love her?

If you really want to get your girl back, then there must be many things that you love about her. What do you love about her? Make a list of qualities and attributes that you love about her. Keep it for yourself as this will help you in telling her how much and why do you love her.

* Your romantic side:

You must have definitely had a true, hopeless romantic shade in you when you saw your girl for the first time. So what happened to the romance now? Where did it go?

If you are serious about getting your girl back, then you must focus on finding the hopeless romantic side of you again. Remember that your girl must be thinking about the best and the most romantic moments you enjoyed together.

* Say you are sorry:

Well, this may be really difficult for your manly side. However, you must apologize for hurting her. You may feel that the break up was not your fault but if you want her to come back to you, swallow this bitter pill. A sincere and straight from the heart apology will definitely win your girl’s heart again. Try this and see the magic happen!

* Show your sense of humor:

If you are successful in making your girl smile, you have won half the battle. Most girls would love to be with someone who can make them laugh.

* Improve yourself:

Change is always better. There may be certain things about you that your girl did not like. She may want you to change a little. Try doing things that will make her feel that you care.

* Meet her:

Don’t wait for the right time. When it comes to winning back your girl’s trust and love, the right time is now. Go and meet her. Apologize and tell her how much you care for her.


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