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Is your Relationship on the Verge of a Breakup: Signs to watch out for!

Love relationship is special. It starts with rosy romance, flowers, chocolates, romantic getaways and a lot more. These moments are special. However, with the passage of time, some relationships tend to fade away and lose passion that once kept the flame alive.

Sometimes this is obvious and apparent for the couple but at times they are not aware of the strain that is eating up their relationship. Is there a way to know that a relationship is on its way to end? Unfortunately, no official checklist is available to let you determine this.

However, there are certainly some warning signs you can look for. Knowing these warning signs and working on them can save you from dragging a relationship on unnecessarily.

Signs that suggest your relationship might get over soon:

* You are more of friends:

When it is a love relationship, there is a kind of strong bonding between the two of you. Two individuals become one. However, if you find that the relationship is turning in to friendship gradually, then there is definitely a problem.

* It is not easy to say “I love you”:

Do you find it difficult to say “I love you”? If you or your partner does not say ‘I love you’, have hard time saying or avoid saying it as far as possible, then your relationship is definitely on the rocks.

* Conversation is difficult: I

f you often sense that you and your partner do not have anything to say to each other, then your relationship has nothing special left in it. It has lost the spark it possessed long back.

* Cheating!

If you or your partner or both are cheating then the relationship has definitely lost what it had. Once cheating and betrayal creeps in, there is no point in continuing the relationship.

* Dislike:

Sometimes a feeling of dislike develops for the partner which does not seem to fade. This is when you should worry about your relationship. Dislikes and hatred for partner is not a positive sign for a relationship.

* Drama and pretentions:

When you pretend in front of your partner, the relationship is getting weaker. Remember that drama and pretentions have no place in a relationship. It should be sincere and honest in all respects.

* Intimacy is an act:

Most of the time, people get intimate because their partner expect them to get intimate and not because they want to. This is a sure shot sign of a troubled relationship.

* Lack of support:

Does your partner support you and your interest outside your relationship? If not then this act is definitely giving you a signal that something is wrong.

* Less attractive:

Have you both started feeling that your partner is less attractive? If yes, then he/she wants to end the relationship.

* Happy without your partner:

If you are happier when your partner is not around, this means that you do not love your partner anymore.


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