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Flirting dos and don’ts: What to know?

Flirting is known to be one of the favorite sports among people across the globe. However, it is important to understand that there are many dos and don’ts to take care of when flirting. Make sure you are fully aware of how the girl is responding when you flirt with her.

If you observe that she is feeling awkward in anyway, then stop flirting immediately. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind when flirting.

Flirting Dos

* Be sincere when complimenting your date. Tell her that she has a beautiful smile, if she really has one. Insincere compliments will make her know what you mean.

* Be yourself. Try being what you are, talk what you really like talking about and speak your mind. Stay natural. This will help you a lot in taking the date further if you want to.

* Keep your sense of humor high. Make her smile. Being funny will create a comfortable atmosphere around. This will be good for you and her.

* Make sure that you call your date by her name at least a few times. This is the best way to make someone feel special.

* Stay optimistic and talk positive. Sticking to your best attributes is the key to make a date more comfortable, genuine and successful. Becoming more passionate and exciting than you actually are may turn you into a one-day hero.

* Have fun together. This is the best thing you can do when on a date.

* When ending your date, you may not find it easy to just lean and make a move. Most of the time, it all depends on the level of a relationship and how you want to take it further.

The best technique to follow is to enhance body contact in a slow way all through the evening. Try touching her hand or back when helping her in to your car. This will also let you know about her response to your initial move.


* Criticizing personal choices is an absolute no-no.
* Strictly avoid talking about commitment or marriage. 
* Do not pester her into revealing her age.
* Using cheesy lines will do no good to you.
* Using a formal tone on a date may not be a good idea. You need to be casual and playful.
* Complimenting below the neck may make her feel uncomfortable.
* Do not overdo when trying to impress her.

Following the above stated dos and don’ts will definitely make your date special and successful.

Happy flirting!


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