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There is a huge difference between loving and living with someone in a relationship. There are many people that, even if they do love each other, have serious difficulties in sharing daily life or people who match perfectly with cohabitation, but don't love each other.

In most of the cases, relationships start out because of love and end up because of unmatching characters and impossibility of living together.

Furthermore, it is surprising that, while you are aware that small details make the difference, you ignore them in practice. But, they are the one on top of which the resentfulness will be built. However, recent studies reported that most of the relationships are sabotaged by how the partners sleep or watch each other under certain circumstances. now presents you six of the weirdest things that might affect your relationships discovered by experts.



Researchers from Tennessee concluded that both women and men are more satisfied with their relationships
if the woman has an agreeable weight.

His parents

According to a study made by the Institute of Social Research from Michigan University, couples have 20% bigger chances to resist if the woman isn't friend with men's parents.Thus, not being very close to your boyfriend's mother is, in reality, a positive thing.

Means of transport

The analysts from Sweden made a study which proves that the necessity of means of public transport increases
the stress level and affects your love life. In fact, they concluded that the risk is rated at 40% in these conditions.


The contraceptive pill can prevent an undesired pregnancy but, at the same time, it prevents the unexpected separations.

Or, at least that's what the researchers of a recent study claim.The reason has to do with the change of perception created by contraceptives: women who don't take the pills have the tendency of judging their partners depending on more shallow aspects, like looks or how good he is in bed.

The mobile phone

The researchers from the University of Essex announced that mobile phones eased significantly humans' life,
but interfered with the intimate moments, of course, negatively.

Therefore, the possibility of sending a message to your mother or friend while you spend time with your partner can put distance between you. Moreover, even when they're not in use, smartphones can be harmful: it is proven that the ones who always keep them close (especially near heart) have less trust in their partners.

Your dog

A research made in Great Britain concluded:

Adog pet might ruin your love life, especially at the beginning of the relationship. The explanation is simple: partners tend to be extremely possessive and they want time spent together, exclusively! In addition, even when we're talking about a fluffy friend, some partners don't want to share their lovers.

In conclusion, small details count sometimes more than the big picture as they work against your relationship like the Chinese drops. Pay attention to them and things will be smoother.


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