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Author: John Pan
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Love making is pleasant and healthy for your body when the two partners remain focused on the sexual act itself, its evolution and the contact between their bodies.

Despite any stake, orgasm remains the main purpose of love making act - voluntarily or involuntarily.

And that only because orgasm is the most exciting and pleasurable finale of a love making experience.

As you already know, it can be vaginal, clitoral, unique or multiple, but seldom.


In fact, maybe just because its rarity and difficulty of obtaining it, multiple orgasms stand for centuries, on a pedestal, while all from around glorify it and search for its explanations and benefits.

Still, multiple orgasms aren't only a Fata Morgana for the majority of women, but quite a reality that each of us could acquire.

The road to multiple orgasms is, absolutely, tougher than any other physical experience, but
not impossible.

Multiple orgasms - between foreplay and blood flow
Multiple orgasms it due to the persistency of the intensity of blood flow from pelvic region, for a longer period after the first orgasm, from physical point of view.

Tough, in the clitoral area it requires less time until a new climax, and that is why foreplay must be repeated after the first orgasm.
According to the Kinsey Institute, 14% of women have regularly multiple orgasms.

The first rule relies in the standard that you impose to yourself: your expectations must be as higher and most intense as possible and you don't have to be afraid of them.

Meanwhile, you must remember that certain erogenous areas, when they are stimulated, have a great potential and even bigger than the others do.

"All women are capable from physiological point of view to have multiple orgasm"
Dr. Barbara Bartlik claims. Moreover, Dr. Ian Kerner, specialist in sexology, offers us a few
extra tips about the multiple orgasms phenomenon:

First of all, both you and your partner must have patience (which actually involves time; multiple orgasm needs all the time from the world), to be altruistic, to pass over the psychological boundaries, to feel rested and to let of the stress.

- The appropriate energy and atmosphere represents the key to "orgasm after orgasm":
you can have a normal orgasm if you are a little too preoccupied, but a multiple one is impossible unless you have an emotional and psychic adequate one.

- The décor must be inciting
and don't forget about the clitoris!

- On the road to multiple orgasms, you need to stop, in the first place and constantly, afterwards, for clitoral stimulation. The labial area is a special one that sends exciting impulses.

- The hands of a man if used inspired can make wonders
during the foreplay.

- The G point: with or without sex toys, the G point can be stimulated intensively at the same time with the clitoral area. It is halfway from the "machine" that takes you to the destination.


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