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Just like we have a very bad opinion regarding certain types of men, they also have their "NOT" women types.

Read below how you should NOT be near the man you're attracted to!

The victim type

Do you self-pity in front of him? Well, men see this type of woman as a Calvary.

Always unsatisfied, even after the most romantic night, the best job obtained,
this constant dissatisfaction is tiring and annoying.

At first, he might step into your "game", but after he will get to the conclusion that this is your second nature, he might dump you.

The staunch feminist

You are independent, you have a successful career and you are absolutely positive that you don't need a man by your side?

Then you might have a problem, because
this will terribly annoy the man that's willing to build a relationship with you.

Men love independent women, who figure out their problems and don't complain, but in a less exaggerated way.

They need to feel that they can have a contribution in your life.

The materialistic girl

No matter how much money a man would have,
he doesn't want a woman staying with him only for his bank accounts.

He will invest in you only if he sees you as an "acquisition", which also means that you are disposable.

Be prepared, he will get the latest one, when available!

The perfectionist

Apparently, this you are the perfect woman, with the perfect life.

Extremely neat and very careful with your stuff, always in a good mood, with the right words, choices and decisions.

With you,
the man would never ever go to a picnic, camping or drinking beer or anything that is "inappropriate".

Men need comfort.

Be flexible!

The jealous type

Are you permanently suspicious and you completely lack confidence regarding love life? Do you ask him many questions about what, when, where he did?

Do you check him often? Moreover, do you remember even the smallest detail of your relationship and every small lie?

who loves to be under surveillance all the time?

In conlusion, these flaws in moderate amounts and limits, are not keeping men far from you, but if you particularly manifest at least one of them in an obsessive way, then you must be aware!

In fact, think a bit: change the roles and see what would you think of you?


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