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He loves her, she loves him, and the want everyone to know that. But too visible public manifestations don’t do nothing else but to irritate the other people around, however nice are those two “love birds”.

Here are some of the behaviors that transform a he and a she into “that couple”.  

They communicate nonstop when they are apart, they send text messages or talk on the phone when they are not together, but meanwhile they are also surrounded by other people – which inevitably notice that he/she prefers rather to talk on their phone than to give them attention.


And when they are not talking to each other, they talk to other people about their perfect relationship.
It denotes selfishness and lack of consideration towards people who are sitting next to them.

The send text messages to each other when they are actually sitting next to each other

This is even more annoying than the first option. Since he and she are sitting next to each other, what’s the point in writing text messages? At least they could do it so nobody around would notice it.

This way, she types a message, look at him, his phone rings, he read the message, looks at her and the both start laughing hardly and smiling…

The people around them might think they are laughing at them.

They wear matching outfits  

Of course, it’s cute and trendy once, twice, but if every time they go out with friends they dress the same color and style… it becomes annoying.

They could at least limit themselves to matching small details in their outfits such as her shoes and his tie, or his shirt and her nail polish.
This is, is more subtle.

They always touch

It’s ok for a couple to show that they love each other: they hold hands, she whispers something to him, he kisses her hand, they even kiss sensually, but BRIEF.

There is no need for everyone to see that they can break the world record for the longest kiss with tongue.

There is no need to kiss after each bite of hamburger or do the “sticky love birds” every time they see or split.

They use mushy names

“Honey”and “handsome” are ok, they are appellations that everyone use and don’t sock anybody. But hearing a he and a she talking with “sweetie pie”, “pumpkin”, “muffin”, “stud” etc. becomes embarrassing.

There is no one saying not to use such nicknames in intimacy
, but they are way too personal to be expressed in public space, where they can only sicken others.

They “pet” themselves all the time

Janice from “Friends” was funny when she talked like that to Chandler, but…
in real life, this doesn’t work like in the movies.

The friends of the two lovers may be amused at first, but at a certain time they will have enough, and strangers will start rolling their eyes.
It is a habit to be kept in intimacy, not a trademark for the couple.

They have become a unity

Meaning that they don’t go anywhere but together, if one of them is called somewhere, they both show up, if you tell him a secret, automatically she will know it etc.

Sometimes, you might want to spend some time only with one of them! But you can not … because they always come “two at the price of one”.


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