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Author: …ulia Iliescu
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There few men who get involved in a relationship thinking about something serious, such as building a family. Most of them are looking just for fun, new experiences or they just want to score.

Even fewer are those who are honest and don’t hide their evil intentions, even after a few months of relationship.

How do we track them? How do you recognize a man that doesn’t have any serious intentions regarding you?

However elegant he would act, however in love he would seem, a man would never want you if:

He hasn’t introduced you to his parents

Not only you have never met his family, but he does not even mention that, in the future, such an event could occur.

It’s true that many men need courage and time (weeks or months) to prepare your entrance, as they are confused and can’t seem to understand quickly if the girl they are dating is truly the one. Even so, if 2 months pass, and you haven’t seen his parents, even after you asked him to make the presentations, you should run away from him as fast as you can. You’ve already wasted enough time!

He continues to preserve a mysterious hallo

He’s made step 1 because – SURPRISE!
– He lives with his parents and he didn’t have a choice if he wanted a few hot nights in your company and you didn’t invite him to your place. Still, he has that mysterious hallo;

he doesn’t share his thoughts, his future plans or what he wants out of his life. The transition from a one night stand to a serious relationship surprises the men talking to their female partner about their deepest thoughts, about their desires, and ideas that they haven’t shared with nobody.

Does he trust you and reveal you all these things? Do you have serious conversations about life, about how it could be, if it could be? Is he relaxed when he’s with you, isn’t he afraid to touch sensitive subjects, such as a possible future family together? If the answer to all these questions is NO, then you must know that you did NOT hit the jackpot!

He behaves like a bachelor

Let’s assume you passed step 2,
you already talk with no hidings about how it will be when you will have your house, when you will move in together, marriage is the next step in your relationship etc.

Yet, he continues to behave like a teenager, makes a lot of promises, but doesn’t budge a single finger to keep them. He wanders the clubs with his buddies, and calculates his dates with you just to assimilate to the ones with the guys. He takes decisions that regard you both by his own?

Your relationship is something fun for him, he thinks of you as of two amusement partners, not as a team that can build a life. He can be madly in love with you, but is he is not serious and does not want anything else but pleasure, look for something else!

To sum up everything from here, analyze deeper your relationship before saying that this is the one. Sometimes, men are very good at hiding their real intentions when it comes to women.


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