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The way you make me feel: What do you love your lover for?
“I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.” These are perfect romantic lines for every lover. Of course; love is what you become when you are with your beloved.

Do you remember melting into sheer smooth chocolate that made you feel the bliss of a lifetime? How beautiful a feeling it is to be able to hear the blood sing in your veins and heart beat aloud with the mere mention of your beloved’s name. When you are in love, you feel lightness in your step and body.

The tingling of finger nail and a unique pain that you feel just before you are about to meet your lover. Being in love makes time fly. Hours become seconds for you especially when you are with your beloved. When it is time to leave, you want to spend just a little more time with him/ her.

You don’t want to leave the car. When you are away, you are literally alive for the next meeting. You pick up your mobile phone to see a missed call or text message. You switch it off and on to make sure that the network is clear enough to let you lover’s call in.

The above mentioned are just some of the great feelings when you are sure that you love him/ her. This is also a phase of your life when you realize that you actually love the way you beloved makes you feel. It is very simple.

Would it be possible for you to love someone who hates you, disrespects you, humiliates you or makes you feel small? There are reasons for loving people who makes you feel you are beautiful and 10 feet tall. This is not just about romance.

You would love to be around an appreciative boss, a loving friend, a doting spouse and proud parent. These are the people who make you feel on top of the world. You know they would do anything to keep the smile intact on your face.

There is no doubt about the fact that you would love to love yourself. Appreciation and love coming from those you love can be refreshing and therapeutic. The reverse is also true. You would not appreciate being around those who bring out the worst in you and make you feel shorter. Being with those who dislike you and envy you develop negativity around. This can also put you in to stress.

When you fall in love, you tend to create on illusory world around you where you live for the other person. You feel beautiful, loved and cared.

A famous poet has said “I love you not only for what you are but what I am when I am with you. I love you for what you have made of me.”


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