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Author: Steve Smakin
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Bedtime Struggling: How to make Bedtime Easy for Parents

As adults, we all look forward to have a good nights’ sleep. Bedtime ideally should be a pleasant period. However, most people believe that bedtime without struggle is not possible when they have children at home. Children tend to give a hard time to their parents when it is bedtime.

However this can be turned in to a pleasant experience if you want to. All you require doing is to follow the guidelines stated below. This will certainly help you to have a good bedtime even with kids at home.

Start Early

A child is a child. You cannot expect a child to get in to deep sleep as soon as you order him to. If you are dead tired and want to go off to sleep early, it would be wise to start preparing for bedtime early. Try feeding the child a little early than the usual.

Let him play a lot in the evening. Prepare his bed and let him play on it for a while. Make sure that all this is done ahead of time so that you do not face difficulty making them fall asleep.

Do not Yell

Yelling at children is not a solution. They will not sleep or let you sleep like this. Relax and let your child relax and feel good. This is how he can sleep well. If it is hot outside allow him to have a bath. Bathing a child induces sleep.

Cozy environment

If you want no struggle at bedtime then you must focus on creating a cozy environment in the bedroom. The bed of the child should be covered with soft blanket.

Dim the room light. Try narrating a story to the child. This is one of the best ways to make a child sleep.

Switch off the lights

If you do not create a bedtime routine, your child may find it a little difficult to sleep on time daily. Make sure that the child is on bed the same time every day. Switching off the lights will help the child to sleep better.

Partner Help

Ask help from your partner to make bedtime a pleasurable experience for all. This will let you take worries away.

Ban Television

Most people are in a habit of watching television late on bed. This is the biggest sleep hurdle. Watching TV can actually develop insomnia.

Ban television watching during bedtime. Also avoid playing music or allowing child to play with toys during bedtime.

Allow the Child some Control

It is extremely important to allow your child some control during bedtime. You need to let the child breathe. Let him enjoy his bedtime experience. This is the best way to make him sleep the way he wants to. Yelling or shouting at the child will not any good.

This will only make the child afraid of you and bedtime a scary affair for him. You need to make the child as comfortable as possible.

Secure Atmosphere

A secure atmosphere is very important for your child to sleep at bedtime. Try talking to the child about what the child likes and dislikes. The idea is to make him comfortable.


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