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Author: John Pan
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Why do we need to take vitamins of external agents?

A great question - and it has a straightforward answer. As we are not able to make vitamins or can do it insufficiently in accordance with the demands of our body, it must be obtained from our diet or from some synthetic source.

So, vitamins are also referred to as essential nutrients. As the body, by itself, cannot meet with some of its requirements, it may be essential to take in a few multi vitamins in liquid form.

In case a particular type of vitamin is absent from your diet or is not properly absorbed in the body, it may lead to a disease caused by deficiency, leading the individual feel irritable and tired.

Think of your body as a car

Try to think of yourself as a car. Remember that you will be able to get a new car for yourself but not a new body. Try thinking of your body in the form of a car, that has been recently oiled and is full of interlocking parts, spokes and gears that are crucial in running a car.

Your body works in a similar fashion with all its parts working in accordance with each other for proper functioning.

When your body is not able to have the necessary amount of raw materials that are essential for its maintenance, it protests in the form of showing a group of symptoms that manifests itself in various forms, completely unnerving the regular and systematic functioning of your body.

Intake of supplemental vitamins work in producing an optimum level of the vitamins, thereby facilitating the proper functioning of all the organs of your body and prevent it of being infected of disease.

Intake of vitamin from external agents also helps in boosting up of the immune system, thereby making it function better and it helps in clearing your thinking process.

In short, the intake of necessary vitamins works in helping your body perform more efficiently. However, most of us fail to meet our basic nutritional demands, let alone taking in the optimum level of nutrition for our body.

Two groups of vitamins

Vitamins have been categorized into two different parts depending upon the material in which they are dissolved.

They are classified as water-soluble vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins. Water-soluble vitamins are dissolved in water and are eliminated by the body. Therefore, it is essential to have a continuous supply of these vitamins.

Vitamin C and vitamins that form a part of the B complex group are water-soluble vitamins. They can be easily washed or destroyed in cases of food preparation or its storage in order to control loss of vitamins.

It is advisable to keep fresh products in the refrigerator, keep grains and milk far from light, and make use of cooking water in order to prepare soup.

The fat-soluble vitamins get absorbed into our blood stream and remain stored in our liver.

Necessity of Vitamin B

Pork, whole grain, legumes, meat, as well as leafy vegetables contain Vitamin B6. Folic acid is stored in foods like leafy vegetables, whole grain, legumes, cereals, and citrus fruit. Vitamin B12 can be found in animal foods like fish, milk products, eggs, shellfish, and oyster.


It is essential to remember that our body is in acute need of vitamins in order to be able to function properly.

Our bodies fail to make a number of vitamins that are essential for us every day. Thus, it is essential to acquire it through food products or have multi vitamin supplements.




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