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Author: John Pan
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How can Vitamins ensure prevention of Disease

Vitamins are extremely essential in prevention of a number of diseases. Experts claim that most of the diseases that may be affecting you are caused due to deficiency of some form of vitamin. To be precise, they claim that almost all varieties of ailments can be caused due to vitamin deficiency.

Benefit of vitamins to fight a particular disease

Vitamins work in prevention of disease by helping in prevention of deficiency syndrome. For example, intake of Vitamin A is essential for vision.

Vitamin A is also necessary for growth of bones, cell differentiation, and cell division.

It helps in better maintenance of our eyes as well as the urinary, respiratory and the intestinal tract. Vitamin A is also helpful in maintenance of skin integrity as well as the mucous membranes that provides protection of viruses and bacteria.

Vitamin A is crucial in the maintenance of the immune system and helps in preventing or fighting off disease and infections by manufacturing white blood cells that works in destroying harmful virus and bacteria.

Need of calcium

Human body is in need of calcium in order to build as well as to maintain strong teeth and bones. It is essential to have a regular intake of calcium, as human body is not able to manufacture calcium by itself.

Calcium is lost regularly through sweat, skin shed, and various other ways.

If your body does not have enough calcium, it tends to break down bones in order to meet with the demands of your body.

Liquid multivitamins can provide you with the required amount of calcium as well as the other essential minerals and vitamins required by your body.

Bones are continually in the process of re modeling, wherein the newer and the stronger ones replace the older bone layers.

However, after a certain age, to be precise, after one acquires the age of 35, bone loss tends to be more prominent, and it is not replaced as easily as it was the case in one’s youth.

This may lead to osteoporosis. Although women are more prone to this disease, men are certainly not immune to it. Thus, it is essential to maintain a regular intake of calcium in order to stay healthy.

Necessity of folic acid

A study conducted 25 years ago suggests that mothers with lower vitamin levels can give birth to children suffering of spina bifida.

Studies suggest the fact that mothers who are low on folic acid levels can give birth to children having this ailment. The required level of folic acid, that is around 400 micrograms daily, is difficult to procure from food alone.

This has made the US Food and Drug Administration assure a higher level of folic acid in enriched breads, cornmeal, rice, pasta, flour, and few other grain products, and some other micronutrients as well as iron that has come to be added in these food products since a long time.


It is true that a package consisting of anti oxidants, fiber, minerals and some other substances that can be found in whole grains, fruits or vegetables helps in the prevention of a number of chronic

Recent research suggests that a similar result can be obtained through higher dosage of anti oxidants along with Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

Therefore, it is advisable that in case you are not getting enough of these vitamins and other essential nutrients, you can opt for multivitamin liquids, as it is extremely essential to have the required level of vitamins in order to prevent disease.

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