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Author: John Pan
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Benefits of taking in supplemental vitamins

Most of us try our best in order to get our hands on the best possible vitamin and minerals. However, no matter how hard we try, we fail to have a balanced diet that is full of minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients.

It is very difficult to have a balanced diet out of the fruits and vegetables that are usually consumed in daily life.

Even if we take in foods that are natural and low on preservatives, we tend to lose out on essential vitamins.

For example, if you are about to consume a vegetable, remember that it has come a long way traveling from the market to your home, ended up a few days in
your refrigerator, and then it is being finally consumed only after it is processed once again in the form of boiling or cooking.

Therefore, it is clear that when you are consuming the vegetable, very low amounts of vitamins and nutrients are left with you.

Since it is impossible to have all the essential nutrient and vitamins naturally, it is essential to have them through vitamin supplements.

Need of vitamins in order to prevent ailments

Our body is in acute need of vitamins in order to function well. So, it needs to be replenished regularly in some form or the other. Our body is in need of it in order to prevent weakness or contracting any other disease.

Vitamins are essential in order to boost our immune system. Vitamins are also essential to fight the existing viruses that may have already invaded our body and made us diseased.

Some vitamins are not available naturally

There are a number of instances when vitamin cannot be obtained naturally that is, from the foods that are consumed in day-to-day life, especially in case of infant and babies.

Babies need to be given Vitamin K

Neonates at times, does not have enough Vitamin K. This may cause problem to babies, especially if they are surviving on mother’s milk. In order to curb this deficiency of Vitamin K, babies are given Vitamin K in the nursery.

Pre mature infants are in need of iron supplements

Diet chart of pre mature infants must be constructed very carefully. They are usually in greater need of the iron supplements.

Babies are in need of Vitamin D supplements

Babies, especially the ones surviving on mother’s milk, fail to receive enough Vitamin D required by the body. So, babies are often administered supplementary Vitamin D.

Children suffering of certain disease are in need of Vitamin supplements

Children, who are slightly older, suffer of disease like cystic fibrosis, ulcerative colitis, anorexia, and mal absorption.

These children need to be administered with Vitamin supplements. Also, children suffering of weight loss or metabolic disease are given vitamin supplements.

Remember that only physicians can administer these supplemental vitamins. So take advice of your child’s Doctor before starting on these supplemental vitamins.


Although a number of children tend to lose on a few vitamins, it is advisable not to buy vitamin tablets inadvertently following any advertisements.

Instead, focus on the food and ensure that your family has a healthy dietary pattern.



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