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Author: St. Pan
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All over the world, the number of people that takes antidepressants has increased considerably, even reaching to double in the last year.

The same thing happens with the pills that promise to make you happy instantly.

Though, try not to fall for the pharmaceutical business and find out on what you can count when fighting against depression. 

The business based on antidepressants is extremely profitable taking into consideration how many consumers they have.

This is why medications that have no link with depression start being prescribed for this purpose, without being sustained of solid scientific evidence. 


Folic acid

It is used against depression especially by the people that have no response at antidepressants.

From scientific point of view, though,
there is no evidence that sustains the antidepressant effect, so the benefits reported by consumers were put on the Placebo effect


It is a glucose that facilitates the transmission of serotonin and of other neurotransmitters to brain.

People who suffer of depression or bipolar disorder have, apparently, an insufficient level of inositol, reason why it is considered that its supplement could help in treating depression.

In spite all these,
its efficiency haven't been proved scientifically and doctors are totally against its administration against depression. 

Omega 3 

The benefic effects of Omega 3 fat acids over depression are sustained by two big arguments:

people who suffer of depression have Omega 3 deficiencies and the countries that consume fish have lower rates of depression.

Still, studies didn't realize to identify if the antidepressant effect of Omega 3 is independent, because this was generally used combined with other medications.

In any case, taking into consideration that Omega 3 fat acids have too little secondary effects and they are extremely good for heart, brain and cardiovascular system
, it is worth trying. After you asked your doctor's opinion, of course. 


It is a spice used at cooking and for treating the depression’s symptoms
in Persian traditional medicine.

Although, there haven't been too many studies for this purpose, it was proven that saffron has benefic effect over the easy forms of depression, being more sufficient than Prozac or imipramine.

However, it is also the most expensive spice from the world, so it is not so accessible. 


Tryptophan it is a natural supplement which stimulates the production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that creates a well-being state in body.

Studies proved that
there is a link between the low quantities of tryptophan from the body and the apparition of depression's symptoms, but there is no conclusive evidence yet.

Moreover, specialists warn that tryptophan supplements are not so "natural" and harmless as traders claim.


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