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We pass slowly and unsure towards what is, in fact, our life, to what we say it is made of "our and only our dreams", but we take two steps to the front and three to the back because… we are afraid.

This is bad psychology. We afraid of failure, of success, of love, of hate etc. We are afraid not to disappoint, not to rise to the imposed standards of society; we are afraid of unpredictable, of novelty, so on and so forth.

The thing is, in psycology fear is a pathological disease of the modern man towards everything he feels he can't control or really doesn't. Everything that hasn't a clear identity, anything that can make him even a bit vulnerable, can transform into that state of restlessness, that psychic disorder, but also physical that is born once with the fear of a new possible danger.


The most important effects of fearing effects over the quality of our lives:

"Are you afraid of what might happen with those huge debts you made together? Are you worried about the health issues that you've noticed at your parents and the possible effects towards your own health, in future? Are you afraid that someone might discover that you are a faker, one way or another? All these are true fears, which can or can't be justified, but if you carry them all the time with you, just like an old and worn-out backpack, you don't do anything else but to be annoyed and unhappy."

To admit, to identify, to classify

The first step for getting rid of fears is the same step imposed for treating depression and any other negative fact:

Admit that you have them, that you live with them, that they eat you alive every day and that they make harder your decisional process.

Yet, don't accept them as a whole, but identify each and one of them and classify all of them into clear categories:

Financial, intimate, towards childhood, regarding authority etc.

After this, it will be just like in childhood:

When you get the courage to see the face of the fee-faw-fum, you will strikingly find that he actually doesn't exist.
Still, in those cases where fears are justified by practical and solid arguments, another stage is to be imposed: the one of organizing for finding the solutions.

Do not forget: there are always solutions, for everything!

What measures are imposed in your country for getting rid of debts?

In what way does the judgment of your lover, friend or boss affect you? How much truth is in their assertions and how can you use them for your own good, for becoming better?

In spite all these, there is a category of fears that have no solution, which are the given things, such as the disease of your parents or the possibility of getting it, if it is hereditary.

Still, in what regards the hereditary diseases,
there is a possibility of getting them, not a certainty.

So, yes, you may be more precocious, for instant, it would be preferable to test yourself from time to time, but you don't have to transform this in an obsession! It won't help at all. On the opposite,
all those negative feelings will turn against you and influence your life not in a good way!

In what concerns the relationship with your partner, transform the fear of losing him into the admittance of the possibility of an uncertain future - any of the partners of a relationship cannot give absolute guarantees.

Instead, you could fully live the present and to make some unforgettable and incredible memories and, thus, become better.

In the end, we will be hunted by uncertainties as long as we breathe, but it depends only on us if we want to live addicted to these fears or if we want to face them and free ourselves.


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