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Author: St. Pan
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From time to time, those you can see in huge and cramped buildings, working busily on any computer, lose their way in life and failure occurs. It is a new disease: the corporate depression.

If you have the curiosity to take part, even indirectly, from some of the conversations between the popular named "corporatists", you will certainly seize the excessive use of certain verbal forms:



"I would go home to sleep”, "I would like to see the world", "I would go on vacation," "Here's how it's raining outside! I'd read and I'd drink tea all day "and so on.

Without generalizing, this presence is not accidental. A corporatist seldom lives in the present. Dreaming of what he would do if he was not at work, regrets choosing a job in any bad day, meditate often of the idea to "take life the way" to get out of what he entered, changing everything.

From a pragmatic point of view, as in any branch of labor, through corporatists, there are three types of employees:

Those who hate their job, those who would change jobs in principle, but prefer the convenience and can "go belly "for years (giving the impression of the model employees) and the devotees, whose life cycle of nature and planetary movements relate to the daily agenda at work.

About the latter it will be below.

Not all would be a tragedy for it, but those who are accustomed so much to find desk, computer, chair, pencils, paper clips and coffee mugs as they left the day before that at some point, realize that these are no longer themselves.

Those who worked for years as a turbocharged, discover one day that the battery is discharged. And around is quiet. Doctors call this peace a depression, the real disease of this century.

After years in a row, working like a robot 10-12 hours each day, plus weekends, after years of personal life, family, friends, paying bills, socializing, walking, everything related to the program to work, these people fail.

Depression in the workplace is a concept that has not been invented today-yesterday.

All develop the same problem: depression caused by working conditions.

What remains, therefore, made to protect employee? An option is provided by the words any doctor would say, „Easier with stress." Easy to say.

Another option would be taking over the West "sabbatical year":

A period of 365 days which completely detach yourself from work, to reflect on your life and just satisfy your hobbies and need to be with family.

Very few employees have this privilege finance, to disengage from a clear source of income for a period so great.

How does this failure occur?

Failure occurs at sustained brain activity, especially when it is based on routine processes carried out under great stress.

This type of depression is characteristic of competitive people. Rarely happens to those who don't put passion in what they do or who work under the pressure of deadlines for a short period. It takes someone who wants to break the clouds, as they say, to be the best, you want to win everything.

Such a person is involved total. The problem is that with this commitment, appear troubles. Diminish creativity, but especially diminish the time allocated for relaxing the nervous system activities: walks, reading, socializing.

It's a process of attrition. Even worse is that in most cases of this type, the affected are not aware of what is happening, or refuse to believe it might have something, even when the signs are obvious. This makes the diagnosis more difficult, not to mention the recovery period

It would be six kinds of changes that a sufferer of depression should take to get out of there.

First, to confront your emotions, to understand what you've done enough to feel it.

Then, to rebuild your self-confidence, speaking openly with others about depression, even if you do not feel at ease.

Would redraw personal priorities, health, relationships, and family, instead of "corporate". Psychiatrists’ urges rediscover yourself what you really do in a professional, but do not forget that out of the depression strengthens character someone.

And lastly, do not think that is the end of the world, because there are other career opportunities, even better, at home. No post that deserves to sacrifice your physical or mental health.


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