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Author: Tin Pan
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Achieving goals in psychology is still a complicated process, but if you suffer from anxiety becomes more difficult to manage.

Depression and anxiety is always a problem in our psychology.

So we offer you a number of tips to help you overcome this drawback.


Learn who you are!

People who are anxious tend to be more sensitive to the possible sanctions or penalties.

Those penalties include both negative reactions from others, such as criticism and the loss of something positive, such as loss of solitude, for instance. Anxious people tend to inhibit any response when it detects a conflict.

For example, when a person is very competitive, he tend to avoid negative reactions or criticism.

The awareness of these issues can help the person to have the same attitude towards both positive feedback and negative towards.

- The lack of rewards

Lack of rewards is not a penalty but you do not get any reaction occurs.

For example, if you enroll in a competition with your own creation and not you don’t get any response. This lack of reward should not be seen as a tragedy.  

Expose yourself to constructive criticism  

Anxious or sensitive people tend to prefer to have some reactions from people they trust and who feel good about themselves
, who believe in their talents and abilities and avoid exposing themselves critics.

The person should be a critical confidence, an older colleague, a teacher or a doctor.

- Learn to identify your emotions

The ability to deal with emotions begins with the ability to identify their own feelings.

Instead of blaming yourself and say you should not feel a certain way, simply admit it. Feelings should not provoke fear, because you can achieve the goals no matter how you feel, and if you will master your emotions well, you'll be able to accomplish difficult tasks when others give up.  

- Give yourself time to recover from your disappointment

The path to success is often paved with disappointments.

When such things happen, you have to have patience, to allow yourself to be angry and to expect negative feelings disappear. Take a break and let it pass. Recharge your batteries for the new challenges.

- Learn to identify your cognitive distortions  

If you are anxious, you may be prone to a variety of cognitive distortions, to look at things from a perspective often tragic to become hostile.

Such trends should not hold you up, but to become aware of them and correct them.


Be happy, honest and strong! Keep your spirit and your psychology up 

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