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Author: Tin Pan
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Maybe the most crucial things that assure us the happiness is reaching our goals, but for reaching them, you have to have the right attitude. There are three basic principles that you must have in mind:

be honest with you, take 100% responsibility for what you do and go to the root of the problems.

These principles will help you gaining strength, success, fulfillment, hence happiness.


It is very important to be aware of them, because if you feel guideless at some point in your life, they will act as a leading light.

Be honest with yourself

It is as easy to be honest with you, as it seems hard.

It is only a matter of having the courage to pass on the other side and see how it feels.

You don't have to go that far in order to be able watching the real you, objectively, but it can be tricky.

We make so many illusions regarding reality, because of the exterior influences, that it seems hard to give up on them when we evaluate ourselves.

ever, once we start getting rid of them, we instantly realize how wonderful and liberating it is.

When we choose to be aware of how and who we are, to live under our own values and to fulfill our wishes, it all becomes simpler.

By being honest with ourselves, our life path will reveal to us gradually.

Take 100% responsibility for your acts

Taking responsibility in an environment in which others don't do it at all is a great challenge, but it also brings fulfillment.

It is quite a challenge to act against an environment where people are blaming each other, but it also gives you power, because taking responsibility it will offer you a great opportunity to learn and grow.

Therefore, instead of using your energy and attention for finding excuses and someone/something to blame for your failures and denying any accusation or responsibility, act that exhaust you and emotionally weakens you, you can use it for seeing the truth.

Analyze and find out what from your attitude and acts caused it, take responsibility and see it as an experience.

This way, you can improve yourself and be successful next time. Learn from what you do, no matter good or bad, to develop, get stronger and enrich your life.

In fact, the catch is this:

when you look over the daily, isolated events, they seem meaningless, but when you look over the effect of these small events summoned up a whole week, month or year, you start seeing the link between them.

Therefore, you will see the fact that by taking responsibility for all our acts, either small or bigger, our ability of making things happen grows significantly.

Go to the real causes of the issues

Imagine that you open your fridge and a terrible smell from the inside hits you.

You wouldn't put air freshener paper hoping that the smell will vanish, right?! Instead, you would follow your sense of smell, find the source, throw it and clean the affected area. Maybe you will put something aromatic there, but only to get rid of the traces, not as a solving measure.

In the end, there is only one efficient way of solving a problem and that is by finding the main cause and eliminating it!

Therefore, if you want a better you, start implementing these in your thinking and acting process and your life will improve. 


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