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Author: Tin Pan
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Depression is a condition that affects many people every day and very difficult to cure if the treatment methods are not the right ones.

For decades, doctors have invented a lot of ways it can be prevented or defeated.


Since the treatment based on medication doesn’t cure depression, but only masks it, some doctors have developed unconventional, but effective medication-free treatments.

Reading motivational books

Of all the therapies tested over time, the prescription of motivational books proved to be an effective treatment for depression.

In a study organized by British doctors, it was shown that patients who read motivational books, besides the treatment with antidepressants, were healed faster than those who received only the standard treatment with antidepressants.

The patients also participated in special sessions where a therapist taught them to extract from these books what is needed for positive change.

Professor Christopher Williams, University of Glasgow - who wrote the series of books on "Overcoming depression and bad mood" - said that reading was the key to improving psychological symptoms exhibited by depressed patients.

Depression leads people to believe that change for the better is impossible and motivational books have, first, a significant impact in changing this perception - impact statement on the encouraging results of all studies and analyzes for this dilemma.

Access to these books is relatively simple, increasingly more doctors address psychological issues specialist books for the general public and the costs aren't very high. A book of this kind is one of the best long-term investments, explained the researchers at the University of Glasgow.

The conclusion:

Find a series of motivational books, like the one mentioned, and try to read it before you go to sleep. This way, you will fall asleep with those ideas and your mind will incorporate them better.

Therapy through positive images

Researchers at Cardiff University in the UK have shown recently that the existing practice that allows people to control a certain part of the brain is more likely to treat depression. Using standard MRI scans, scientists have reported different brain responses to positive images in eight people diagnosed with depression.

After four sessions of therapy were noted significant improvements in their mental state.

In opposition to this demonstration, it was revealed that eight other patients - who were not showed pictures but were asked to think positively - the brain has shown no change. Moreover, this technique called neurofeedback has already had success in improving the health of people affected by Parkinson's disease. Future research will confirm how this technique may be beneficial for treating depression, British researchers return.

The conclusion:

Make a collection of images with positive messages, especially with nature,
animals and happy people, pin them on a board and glance at them in sessions of 5-10 minutes first thing in the morning, during the day and before going to bed.

Eating yogurt

After some experiments with mice, researchers at University College Cork, Ireland, found that gut bacteria have an influence as possible out on the brain. Experts study started from a theory according to which confirmed previous and digestive disorders are caused by emotional stress.

Irish experiment shown to do as mice fed yogurt enriched with Lactobacillus rhamnosus JB-1, a species that is found naturally in the human intestinal tract, showed fewer signs of stress, anxiety and depression compared to other mice who did not receive yogurt.

The conclusion:

Εat a portion of yoghurt every day,
it will help your general health, digestion and it will also help if you’re depressed. 


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