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Author: St. Pan
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Are there any wonder aliments? What do we have to do for rediscovering paradise? We live in a crazy world where each day another new terrible and frustrating diet is born that promise eternal youth and life without death.

That's why I decided myself to find out the truth about myths and recipes that are trendy on the internet.

Train yourself consistently

There is no need for you to go to the gym or to sweat like a runner preparing for the Olympics.

For reducing cardiovascular disease's risk and for strengthen your skeleton system it's enough to walk 1 km a day, in a sustained rhythm, or to do physical exercises moderately three times a week. The newest trend from this field is fitness with special balls, which works completely your musculature, training naturally more muscle groups at the same time.


The expert's opinion
: 1 km/day, in a normal walking rhythm, takes for about 20 minutes.

This kind of walk is really good after a big dinner… course, it's a happier choice than sitting on a couch and watching tv, but if you truly want cardiovascular benefits you need to train more seriously.

This means that you should run (jump, swim, ride the bicycle) minimum 30-40 minutes.

For strengthening your skeleton and muscular system it is highly recommended to do trainings with weights in a relaxing, pleasant way, otherwise you obtain the reverse of the desired effects.

About using the special fitness balls, there is nothing new about it, it's not a trend and not even a method of training, it is just a complex of inspired exercises which makes a part of training. It is not a miracle, nor a sophisticated concept.

Eat grains

If you eat grains (whole wheat bread, rice or pastas) at least 4 times a week you reduce the risk of cancer with 40%.

The expert's opinion
: this above concept is referring, probably, at colon cancer.

However, there are not studies or statistics that establish that between the consumption of grains and another type of cancer is any connection.

Eat fruit and vegetables

At least 5 portions, daily.

The most highly recommended are tomatoes, red grapes and broccoli, which reduce cardiovascular diseases risk, cancer and diabetes. Specialists from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine claim that women who consume large quantities of fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of breast cancer with half.

The expert's opinion
: this concept is harmless, but slightly speculative.

It's true that in the past years many studies were made regarding the miraculous virtues that tomatoes (they have an anticoagulant platelet role), grapes (they assures a good cardiovascular and anticancer protection), broccoli (they reduce the risk for cervical and breast cancer) have, but for a firm verdict there is need more than research.

What is known for sure is the fact that fruits and vegetables vascular trophic, have a high level of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers, which certainly assures a good functioning for your body.

Quit burgers

1/3 of the deceases are caused by coronary diseases which are connected with an inadequate diet.

Recent research proved that a high consumption of fat rich aliments (like fast-food) determines a high level of the cholesterol from your blood and this attracts cardiovascular diseases, strokes.

Even if fast-food products cover some nutritive necessities, most of them are rich in calories, fats, salt and cholesterol. Some of them contain oxidized fats, so stay away from burgers, dressings and other caloric bombs, full of cholesterol and fats.

The expert's opinion
: it is an excellent recommendation.

High rate of the obesity, coronary diseases and many others are strongly connected with "junk food". The truth is that in this category aren't only burgers, chips and donuts, but every aliment rich in fats, salt and calories for a small volume (like hamburgers- small but have 500kcal).

The problem is that this kind of food gains popularity, people should learn that food is not just an accessory for reading newspaper and they should re-invent the meal ritual: to put nice cutlery, flowers, candles; to learn to feed their body and soul at the same time.

So, this is the naked truth about some of the most popular myths and advices for a healthy living. We should not disregard the advices that we read, but as the experts proved, nothing is absolute or miraculous.


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