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Author: Tin Pan
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Most people laments that there are no changes in their lives, but for feeling a change, you must do one.

Below we have prepared some recommendations for small changes and the easiest is to start with little things that you haven't thought about before.


If you want to be happier, live longer or even to lose weight, start with a change, no matter how small it is, and "break" the routine.

Move the fruit bowl

Move it in the middle.

It is not only going to be a "healthy" decorative object but if you ever see fruit your hand will go instantly to them. In addition, it is the perfect "barrier" between your desires and delicious ice cream from the freezer.

Call your family

A study from Harvard shows that people who keep close their relatives, especially siblings, live longer and they are happier.

Cooking in cast iron pots

Replace Teflon pans or iron ones with the cast iron ones for a higher intake of, ironically, iron. If you want to have more energy in these pots cook foods such as beef, fish or chicken grown in the yard.

Look at something funny

Did you know that babies laugh 50 times a day, but, once with age, a great man merely laughed two or three times a day? Hearty laugh whenever you can. This increases endorphins and lowers hormone levels that cause stress. Why do you think YouTube was created?


This will help if you're stressed, and your mood will improve instantly.

No one asks you to do yoga, but to sit at least 20 minutes a day with your eyes closed and try to breathe while you concentrate to relax your muscles.

Change your routine

There must be something major.

For example, you try to keep your toothbrush with the other hand from time to time. Scientists say that this is like steroids for "muscles' will".

Notice 5 new things

How many times you don't pass by something every day without even noticing it?

We're so agitated. Whether you go with the means of transportation, whether you go by car, take time to open your eyes and mentally notice five new things you pass every day. You'll see that it's fun.

Do something for someone else

Do I really need to explain this?

People who offer themselves as volunteers are happier and that does not mean we have to do something grand: Take out the trash, do a massage, wash anything or put a post-it with a compliment a colleague's PC.

Rise up

Υou sit down when you read, aren't you?

Get up and stretch out like a cat whenever you get a chance, really! Studies show that people, who spend more than three hours sitting, live two years longer. If your job takes you over, put a reminder in your phone to ring every hour to move at least 5 minutes.

Last, but not least,
exercise at least 15 minutes a day


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