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Even if everybody talks about techniques for improving sex life and ways in which more intense and multiple orgasms can be obtained, there are still women who didn't even reached one alone or with a man.

These ones suffer from anorgasmia.

We made a research for you and now presents you all about it, including how to find a solution.


What is anorgasmia?

Anorgasmia is the incapacity of a woman in reaching the orgasm, whether through vaginal stimulation or clitoral one.

After the stage of normal excitation, when the woman succeeds in feeling the pleasure, during the sexual act, the orgasm doesn't come. Still,
this doesn't mean that the woman is frigid, because she has the desire and she feels the pleasure to some extent, while the frigid ones suffer by the total absence of sexual desire and pleasure.

Unfortunately, both frigidity and anorgasmia hit almost 10% of women worldwide and 1 of 3 have already admitted that had this issue at a certain moment in their lives.

specialists classified anorgasmia in two types, depending on the way they succeeded to feel the sexual pleasure:

Primary anorgasmia is when a woman couldn't been able to feel any pleasure, anytime, nor by vaginal penetration or by masturbation.

Secondary anorgasmia
is when woman succeeds, especially by masturbation, to feel pleasure and reach orgasm, but not with a partner.

What are the causes?

Like any other sexual issue, anorgasmia can be triggered by
organic causes, behavioral or psychological ones.

Here they are:

Painful sexual acts (caused by gynecological problems)

The incapacity of the partner for stimulating or even his brutality

The lack of sexual desire or loss of the libido with the actual partner

The installation of routine or the missing of feelings which connects the partners

Traumatizing experiences from the past that aren't faced (rape, sexual abuse),

Bad image towards own-self or body,

Education that depreciates sexuality

Emotional blockage,

Some medications, like contraceptives

What are the solutions?

Fortunately, there are solutions!

But this mean that the women who suffer by anorgasmia must talk with the right person.

The first step is to find out what caused it:

if it is a health issue, she must talk with a gynecologist;

if the issue is
behavioral or psychological,

she has to talk with a psychologist or a sexologist and even follow therapy;

of course, if the problem is
somewhere in the couple,

she must talk with her partner and find out a way of managing the issue.


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